Teacher’s Intention and Generation Creation

Pankaj Sinha

The Teachers have utmost importance in the world of teachers and real education. It is also most important role of teachers in the fact of world teachers. The teacher’s Day comes every year on 5th September as auspicious and inspiring day. I felt the teachers and association of teachers are fighting for their rights, legitimate rights; which sometimes succeeds, more often fails. But my opinion the aims and goals of teachers and association of teachers should not be limited to that. Teacher community should not to be moulded with a trade union mentality. The goal of life is something higher and nobler than mere earning money. 

Earning money in a respectable manner is no doubt, good.  The teacher community should be tried to go on line with hoary cultural tradition. The teaching-learning line is not merely as a profession, as a mere occupation. It is mission. The work of teacher community is essentially educational, which has to be viewed with an internal outlook. Which means education should aim at the total development of the student personality. One books “Small is beautiful” written by Schumacher. He wrote in that book, there are three qualities of the people are necessary. 

The first one is education. But education is not only reading, writing and arithmetic. It is most essential an intense awareness of one’s responsibilities and duties, towards the society and nation. The second quality implies the feeling of oneness with the people the urge to work for the common welfare, the desire to cooperate with others. The third quality is discipline. The Schumacher has explained loudly in his book – without these three qualities among the people no society and country can become great. So when the teacher wants total development of the student he should be able to bring out the best in him. The success of teacher depends upon his capacity to achieve this. The process of education is less of teaching, and more of learning to all side development. It should be involved the entire life of student to approach the life embracing physical, intellectual, mental, moral and spiritual development in a harmonious whole and not as separate department. The education is so all inclusive of life that it cannot be limited to the four walls of class room and examination, examination and examination. Unfortunately, the present efforts have been to reduce into classroom an examination.

For the teacher community should with the proper attitude, the whole life is the period of real education. For this, it is necessary to awake the heart of student for discrimination. Discrimination is the wisdom to discriminate between what to do and what not to do; what is just and what is unjust; what is right and what is wrong. So, it should be prime duty of teacher not merely to stuff the students with information but to awaken in them the spark of wisdom. Kindle in them love for truth and duty, love for justice and moral values and love for all creation. If the teacher community touch the heart of students and broaden their vision can overcome all differences like untouchability, sectarianism, provincialism, linguistic chauvinism and such other social evils and can stand up united as one homogenous patriotic society. This is how a genuine eternal national personality can be created out of our new budding generation. 

The animation of the qualities of the head and heart by raising the spirit of intense devotion to our eternal traditional society and urge to emulate the examples of our great society and national builders past and recent, and ti imbibe the highest values of our cultural heritage well. These are elements that form the life-breath of our genuine society and country education. These are also the qualities that go to mould an ideal human personality fragrant with intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual values. If teacher community understand this special feature of our society and national education, then they will certainly be proud to declare that their avocation is truly one of a great world mission. They would be equipping the younger generation of society for carrying this message far and wide.