‘Thank you is not enough’

(Representational purpose only/Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay)

(Representational purpose only/Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay)

COVID-19 experience: On road to recovery 

Vishü Rita Krocha
Kohima | May 11

Despite COVID-19 being a shared battle, it can be a lonely experience. This is a common phenomenon for those who have been through the journey of recovery from COVID-19. In these difficult times of combating loneliness besides fighting the symptoms, they have also rediscovered the power of kindness, which makes the recovery process a lot easier.

When A*, a mother of two tested positive for the novel coronavirus, she did not know how to react. “My elder son is 2 years & 7 months old and the younger son is 7 months old,” she tells The Morung Express. When she started showing mild symptoms of body ache and chills on April 29, she decided to take a test for precautionary measures on the following day and unfortunately, it turned out to be positive.

Her husband who is posted in a different district came home the next day as she had to immediately isolate herself. However, after a couple of days, her infant son fell sick and she had to come out of her isolation. “The risk was there but we could not help it,” she regretfully states. Initially, other members of the household had tested negative for COVID-19 but on May 5, her husband started showing symptoms.

“We all got tested again - six of us - and we are all positive. They had been exposed to the virus. I feel bad for putting them at risk,” she puts across while adding that “We are taking care of ourselves but the mental stress and trauma I have to go through is too much.”

The mother of two has also been suffering from ‘anxiety attacks’ at the thought of having put her children at risk.  But as a parent, she has to pull herself together every day and tell herself to be strong. Amidst all these chaos and struggle in their fight against COVID-19, she has found hope in the service and kindness of doctors and staff at Eden Medical Centre, Dimapur and her sons’ pediatrician, Dr Apong Longchar of Nikos Hospital.

“They have been very helpful and very supportive. We have been scared- we have only mild symptoms but we are still scared. But they have helped me and educated me so much. We are so uninformed, which gives rise to more stress, fear and anxiety, but they have made our journey easier. I really want to thank them,” she profoundly expresses.

She goes on to add, “Even the smallest gesture of a ward boy helping us with our files, it gives us a sense of relief; my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of them. Thank you is not enough.” She further urges every believer to pray more for healthcare workers, who are providing their services, especially during these challenging times.

‘COVID-19 is real’

The mother of two also observes that many people are showing symptoms but are hesitant to come forward and get tested for fear of stigma. This, she fears will lead to further spread of the virus. “Eventually, you end up going to the doctors, so while showing mild symptoms why not go and get yourself tested,” she reasons.

Asserting that “COVID-19 is really real,” she says, “I think we need to be responsible. We have to inform, get ourselves tested. We can’t escape the reality.” She goes on to say that, “I don’t want Nagas to suffer the same way people are suffering elsewhere, it is total chaos out there. Even infrastructure wise also, our state is not well equipped. It might be our parents who get infected because of our negligence as a citizen.”

Reiterating on early diagnosis for early professional treatment from the doctors, she emphasizes that doing this would also save lives. “Had my husband just got himself treated at home, then it would have been a sad story. At the right time, his lungs were also detected of initial stages of pneumonia,” she relates. Close to a week of isolation after her husband was tested positive for COVID-19, they were informed of his lung infection. He is however reportedly responding well to the treatment.

Reacting to reports of a third wave, she is also deeply concerned for the children while pointing out that there is “no COVID care for children” in the State. “It is going to be my personal prayer for kids,” she says. As for her family, she believes that they are on their road to recovery.

(*Name withheld to protect identity)


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