The powers of head, heart and hands

Counselling Psychologist

As a couple transition into parenthood their world takes a conscious shift from themselves to this little fragile dependent mysterious human and an ocean of unconditional love that does not know existed shows up and one finds it very difficult to imagine their world without them. But child rearing also brings out the other extreme end of emotions where the parents experience stress, sleepless nights, burnouts, guilt etc. It definitely is complicated because no one has a perfect manual guide on how to be the perfect parent.

 Every experience in this stage of life is a part and parcel that comes along with the responsibility of being a parent. These responsibilities grow even greater as the child begins to physically develop. So the parent’s attention towards the child’s physiological needs expands during the early stages of life. The demand for these needs do not come in sequence or else the process of parenting would be in no comparison easy. 

As the motivation for other human needs emerge it should be accommodated with their growth. If not, it hinders the natural progression of the human strive for constantly becoming. So, this urges parents to be insightful about the security of the child’s future, their education, profession and to be successful are a paramount need and a constant concern. Thus, the parent and child embark on this journey to create the security and safety needs. But the search is not linier as it appears to be for, life is defined by uncertainty. So, this stage is no different and is complex and nuance as there are a lot of different factors that impact the child’s reach for a stable future.  Like parenting style, family dynamics, socio-cultural-religious influences, financial stability, genetics, logistics and many more of such factors contribute as force that shapes the life of the children. 

Despite such influences it is indeed necessary for parents to be diligent of the systems and institution where their children are enrolled to pursue for their future security/ position in life because the institution as well as the parent both must provide a positive support system so as to produce well integrated functioning beings that can also excel in the natural environment. This must not be carried out randomly without any thought process quickly discarding everything that is traditional or old. But it would be wise to revise, be flexible and blend both the traditional and new method of education because by now we should be informed that learning is personal and one shoe does not fit all, so some excel in academic education and others in vocational skills. 

Learners tend towards varying levels of different intelligence so the ability to grasp concepts is not equal for everyone. People differently incline or gravitate more towards a specific interest like numbers, languages, patterns, tunes, movements, visual, colours, facts and figures, academic knowledge, and theory. Understanding these needs and initiating different platforms, activities, programs and a well-rounded curriculum in an artificially structured setting will give the child the opportunity to explore the concept of play. Definitely such learning will foster the child to organically reason how to conduct themselves in the real-life play since they have cultivated the desirable attitudes and life skills like communication, negotiation, teamwork, cooperativeness, discipline, respect, independence etc. So, paying attention to the insatiable thirst and finding the link within the different parts of the child's materialistic, spiritual, scientific and creativity stimulates the child to become the wholesome unique individual that they are. But if the child is encouraged only to focus on a specific narrow orientation then they miss out on the real value of education and can become carriers and breeders for a lot of crises. And so, when the child is able to secure one’s future through the process of education that is integrated and not fragmented, it affects the whole being because there is complete alignment with what one has learned with the mind, translating that into something practical with their hands which then they are able to connect the theoretical learning in real time bring relevance to the learner’s life. 

Making them belief they are not just a commodity but also an active share holder who can contribute thus, moulding them to be industrious for themselves, family and society. This gives them the self-esteem to find solutions for the challenges they will inherit and also take the risk to push the boundaries and pursue to invent, create and innovate the ideas that they envision. So, it is very evident that when the security needs of the children are met it allows them to develop their highest interest and potentials giving meaning to their existence in the world.