The speech of Mr. Z Royim Yimchungrii, Acting President of Naga National Council on the auspicious occasion of Naga Independence Day of 65th Anniversary of 14th August, 2012

My dear Naga people, I praise God and salute all the Naga people on behalf of the NNC, the Parent body of the Nagas on this occasion of 65 years of Celebration of our Independence Day. I am fortunate at this time to be able to address our people on this anniversary as a Naga from the Eastern side of Nagaland. May God bless each and every one of us on this auspicious day,14 August, as a people and a Nation as declared 65 years ago  by our brave and noble pioneers. Naga Independence Day was and is a sacred National Day for all the Nagas from far and near to observe solemnly. And this is bound to be recognised by the world sooner or later.

We were a free and independent Nation till the Government of India sent her armed forces to free Eastern Naga areas to capture and rule. In 1955 war started between the Nagas and the Indian Army in a big way. The Indian Army tried very hard to annihilate all the free Nagas and subdue the land but miserably failed. So up until now the struggle for the recognition of our historical and political rights continues as the armed forces of both Burma (Myanmar) and India forcefully occupy our country. In complete violation of International law, Human rights, and  Democratic norms, these two countries have continued their cruel occupation and committed war crimes against the Naga people and crimes against humanity.

The United Nations should come forward to intervene in this long struggle for freedom for the Nagas. There is no denying that the political problem was and is international and requires an international solution for permanent peace to prevail in this part of the world. Let us remember today the immortal words of Martin Luther King Jr. "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed".

Today the NNC can proudly say that because of our efforts in publicising Naga historical facts and figures strongly and widely, and our protest against Prince Andrew of England's visit, 8 representatives from the European Union came to Nagaland a few months back to see and ascertain the ground reality of the Naga political problem. This is indeed a very positive sign and an important political event for the Naga people in particular. We anxiously await the results of their visit. They were able to hear views from ordinary citizens, although of course not from the National workers. The NNC is sure that their noble and successful visit to Nagaland will not go in vain as they come to know the reality of the Naga political problem and the 60-plus long years of struggle for recognition of our  political rights as a nation.

We praise God Almighty for many countries of the world far and near are concerned for the Naga people's plight and sympathize with our long and arduous struggle for recognition of our historical  rights. 

I must say that as good times are coming for the Nagas politically today, the factional fights and killings are still going on in the Homeland. This is a tragedy and a stain on our nation in the eyes of the world. The NNC strongly condemns all killing in the land. This insane and destructive factional fight must stop once and for all. Otherwise, the National workers will never see Naga freedom in reality and the factions will be responsible for the downfall of Naga nationhood.

Also it is very unfortunate that the State Naga politicians under the union of India are going all out for an Interim Government for the Naga National workers. Nothing concrete has been widely or properly discussed on this matter and the whole concept is out of the Naga National political context. What is now required is that everyone should come together to arrive at an understanding, plus consolidation and solidarity for Naga sovereignty. The political group or faction in the Homeland that compromises the stand of Naga sovereignty and the birth right of Naga people as a whole will be fully responsible for the downfall of Naga freedom and the blood of the Naga Martyrs will be upon those people or groups.

The NNC affirms that this is the time for the Naga people from every corner in the Homeland to come together  to discuss thoroughly and seriously the Naga political objective of freedom before it is too late because we do not want to see any more divisions or pointless bloodshed. Nor do we wish to witness the loss of the historical and political rights which are the sole birth right of the Naga people. May the Good Lord save the Naga people.

The NNC insists that at this moment of confusion and crisis in the land of Nagaland For Christ, the Naga people must seek the living God's very plan and purpose of the Naga people. The NNC earnestly appeals to all section of Naga people to pray earnestly and seriously to God for the salvation of Naga people for His glory in the highest.

Once again I, on behalf of the Naga National Council, extend our warmest salutation to all the Naga people, North-East people and our supporters abroad on this occasion of Naga National Day.