The Theory of Everything

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) is considered to be one of the most brilliant and intelligent men that ever lived on this planet. In fact his brilliance and intelligence was considered so much extraordinary that when he died scientists took out his brain in order to know what made this man so intelligent and to see whether his brain was different from other human brains. Besides, Einstein is also considered one of the most iconic personalities of the 20th century. It is said that Einstein was the first Science Superstar. After his ground breaking theories set new standards in the field of science, he was treated like a movie star wherever he went. Even people who had no science background or knowledge about physics would come up to him and request him to explain his theories to them because people were simply mesmerized by the aura that surrounded him. All these happened because Einstein was dubbed as the most brilliant man of his time and one of the brightest brains that ever lived.  

The iconic stature of Albert Einstein can be acknowledged from the mere fact that Time Magazine chose him as the “Man of the Century”. Einstein rose to prominence and legendary status because of the theories that he proposed in physics. Yes, Einstein was basically and first and foremost a physicist and he remained one till the last. The three great theories of Albert Einstein would be:  

1) The Theory of Special Relativity (1905)  

2) The Theory of General Relativity (1915)  

3) The Theory of Everything.  

The Theory of Special Relativity (1905) gave us the world’s most famous equation E=MC square which led to the creation of the atomic bomb and unlocked the secret of the stars. The Theory of General Relativity (1915) gave us space warps, the Big Bang and black holes. These two theories are undoubtedly the two most well-known theories associated with Albert Einstein.  

But many people don’t know that Einstein had a much more bigger and ambitious theory to give to the world. This is so because Einstein could never finish this theory. He died while he was working on this project. Or else this theory would undoubtedly have been the greatest and most well-known theory of all time. It was a theory called “The Theory of Everything” and it is said that through this theory Einstein tried to ‘read the mind of God’.  

His works on the first two theories brought him instant and worldwide recognition and accolade and made him a certified genius. But Einstein failed on the third theory. He spent the last 30 years of his life chasing after an equation, perhaps no more than one inch long, that would explain all physical phenomena – “everything from creation, to supernovas, to atoms and molecules, perhaps even DNA, human beings and love were to be explained by this equation”. If discovered, it would have been the ultimate achievement of 2000 years of investigation into the nature of space and matter ever since the Greeks asked what was the smallest particle and the smallest unit of space. Besides being the most marvelous, the most extraordinary and the most ambitious theory, “the Theory of Everything” was also the craziest theory ever proposed because of its sheer madness and insanity. Yes, here, a mere mortal was trying to read the mind of God.  

Well, when I first came to know that the most brilliant man of the 20th century spent the last 30 years of his life working on a project called “The Theory of Everything” which aimed to explain everything, I was dumb-founded at how a mere mortal could even think about such a gigantic mission. On the one hand I marvel at his ambition, his commitment and his passion. But on the other hand, I also equally marvel at his foolishness, stupidity and incredulity.  

We say that conquerors like Alexander the Great and Adolf Hitler were incredibly ambitious people because they tried to conquer and rule over the whole world by subjugating others through violence and bloodshed. But the ambition of Albert Einstein is also no less because Einstein also tried to know and explain everything under the sun or even beyond the sun.  

But the truth is that a mere mortal cannot rule the whole world no matter how hard he tries. It is something which only God can do. So a person trying to do so is only fooling himself. Similarly, a mere human being also cannot know and explain everything. This is also a job befitting only to God. The normal lifespan of a human being is only around 70-80 years and even if a person lives beyond this, it will not make much difference because of the fragility of mind and body that will set in. On the contrary, the earth and the universe have been in existence for thousands of years and so when a mere mortal man comes along and tries to know and explain everything from the beginning till the end, he is trying something absolutely impossible and he is only fooling others and himself. In simple words, the only person who can rule over the whole world and knows everything and can explain everything is God.  

The world may marvel at the ambition and genius of Albert Einstein for trying to know and explain everything. But for someone who believes in the gospel of Christ, it is sheer stupidity and idiocy for a mere mortal to attempt something which only God can do. Albert Einstein lived for only 76 years and out of these years he spent the last 30 years trying to figure out everything around him from the start till the end. What a fool he really was if we view him from the perspective of God! We all are just mere mortals who would be here only for a short time and so we cannot know everything and it would be foolish and mere mockery on our part in trying to do so. And this is where ‘Faith’ comes in. And we should be grateful that God did not tell us to find out and know everything but He told us to have faith and belief in Him. What a relief!  

Some may make a great deal about ‘The Theory of Everything’ proposed by Einstein and upon which he spent the last 30 years of his life. But for a true believer of the gospel, “The Theory of Everything” had already been not only proposed but explained, demonstrated and lived by a man called Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. When Christ came into the world he brought along with him “The Theory of Everything” and explained and demonstrated it to the world with his teachings and life. When Jesus Christ died on the Roman Cross and was buried but rose from the grave three days later, the “Theory of Everything” was explained and demonstrated in its entirety and totality once and for all. So there is actually nothing more to be explained and demonstrated. Maybe this was why Jesus Himself said “It Is Finished” while hanging on the cross.  

And so, what an irony that a man named Albert Einstein showed up in the 20th century and spent 30 precious years of his life trying to figure out everything around him from the start till the end when in actuality everything had already been explained, demonstrated and lived by a man called Jesus Christ 2000 years prior to him. This is how a believer views Albert Einstein and his theory of everything. Einstein went to such extent because he thought that everything could be known and explained when in fact only the Creator can explain everything.  

But in one sense we cannot put the whole blame on Einstein also because man is a curious being and the curiosity to know everything around us has always been there with man. But there is no more need to search for it elsewhere because everything has already been explained and demonstrated to us through the Holy Scriptures. Fundamental questions like who am I; why am I here; how did it all begin; how will it all end; why I think and behave the way I do; why all these guilt, worries and strife; why all these uncertainties, confusions and fears; why do we all die; where can I find true peace, love, joy and acceptance; where is eternal life etc have all been explained and demonstrated by the Holy Book.  

And so if we are to give a scientific name to the ‘Holy Bible’, I guess the most appropriate one would be “The Theory of Everything” because every answer that we need and would ever need is available in this. And therefore there is no more need to waste precious time and energy searching for something which has already been vividly explained and demonstrated to us through the gospel. The world may make a big deal about Albert Einstein and his ‘Theory of Everything’ but be wary and do not be swayed away by it because the ‘Theory of Everything’ was already there from the beginning and it had already been explained, demonstrated and lived by a man called Jesus Christ long before Einstein was even born into the world…in other words, God alone is the author and the finisher of the ‘Theory of Everything’…and there can be no other besides Him…