'Trafficjam in Kohima'

Meshenlo Kath 1) Greatly effecting our economy by reducing the working efficiency to minimum.   2) Great possibility of patient's death on their way to hospital.   3) Many more problems... (You know it better what difficulties you face)   Let’s not play the blame game and sort out strategies how to overcome this problem.   I would like to post an opinion here.   The present Assam rifles camp in the middle of Kohima could be used for the expansion of Kohima town.( If by any chance, there is a provision of shifting the present "AR base" to somewhere else under Kohima jurisdiction), which can provide more road connectivity.   A road can be connected from the AR base to Chandmari , AG colony and Chiedema creating smooth circulation of traffic.   M Wotok Konyak ‘Traffic jammed’ is the other name of Kohima. I'd also like to suggest that all the shops/mall/resident site besides the road should be make into parking (on rent etc) and order all the vehicle owner not to park their car/vehicle on the road side. If possible one-way could be made by connecting Lerie and Bayavu or Kohima Village. That's what my poor head could suggest for betterment of the face of Nagaland, thank you   Asenla Longkumer The growing population together with the growing demand of cars in Nagaland makes the situation worse and worse. Sooner or later, town like Kohima and Dimapur especially, are going to face the worst traffic jam. I wish the government would adapt quick changes by addressing the burgeoning demand of vehicles. Some measures could include: -One family should have one car, not more than that. -Charging huge fine for those owning more than one car. People must be compelled to use public transport rather to use their own car to go office or school or colleges. However, travelling with friends or colleagues is always better than travelling alone. I know this is never going to work out even in future but I believe adapting these rules by the government will surely help curb to reduce the traffic jam issue.   Misappropriation of MGNREGA funds in Diphupar Village Dimapur Jevito Sumi The proposal by the Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur to terminate the Gaonburas (GBs) of Diphupar Village in connection to the misappropriation of MGNREGA Funds can be termed as just a small tip of a gigantic iceberg.   It is a known fact that only 20% of MGNREGA funds are given to the villages and the remaining 80% of funds never reaches them. But the villagers are directed to produce bills and memos for the total 100%. Now, who is the greater culprit here?   While not a staunch supporter of the GBs since many of them are equally corrupt, and do misuse the 20% given to them; the government is the bigger culprit as it is siphoning off and misappropriating the remaining 80%. Hence, the Village Council and the GBs are made the “scapegoats” on this issue.   The Village Councils are equally at fault for not harping out and spilling the beans. However, it is also known fact that with the slightest complain, the village suffers as suddenly all the papers of that particular village either disappears or gets misplaced. Eventually, the village is made an outcast.   Even a small child is now in the knowledge of the happening around; yet, our intelligentsia chooses to remain blind. We do know that a small investigation would expose the whole scam and the big fishes could caught; but alas! There’s none to venture into the deeper sea.   The only solution to end this culture would be if villages can get together and fight for their rights and demand for that 80% due to them or threaten to expose the whole game. Only then we may see some change. Otherwise, we may as well stuff our tails between our legs and continue to let the Village Council and GBs remain "Scapegoats" forever.   Zupe Ovung These are nothing but a normal routine for us. Our past generation is being instrumental in producing good for nothing with no sense of work culture through dishonesty. Our dependent government share of budget is always a meager amount of less than 10% out of which lion share goes to our excessive government servant. Nagas have also broken the record of being the only state with negative decadal growth rate of 0.47% with no natural calamity or large scale loss of life. We Nagas should really ponder over whether decentralized government in grassroots level such as village councils is a boon or curse in our society. They are the reason why we can increase or decrease even our population at the whims of our greedy politicians. In the long run our younger generation is going to suffer.   Lohrü Soruna Very unfortunate for Diphupar GBs... Which village GBs & concern DC is holy enough to accept as corrupt free in Nagaland? Today the case has been published into public domain and everyone is condemning them as if they are the only corrupted GBs. Every districts and villages are not free from the similar case. If the DC is an honest and judicious officer, why only Diphupar? Why only MGNREGA? Why not constitute investigation & find out such a huge amount? Will termination justify the public lost?   I rather find it very fishy.   Sucai Jimomi Lokayuta is the need of hour.   I use the heard lot of story of cut by higher up & lower cadre officer were even forced to make necessary adjustment by producing vouchers or utilization certificates etc...   Scam of blank cheques asked by some departments even pop up few months back. So, all in all, almost everyone is in the process sharing a part of it but someone had to carry the cross. So, here it is.   By the way, officials, officers in Nagaland who are having so much property without know source of Income are very questionable.   I’m not for or against anyone but noted down my observations of our society.   Hirato Chishi Swu Stupid that Naga leaders don't even know what is MGNREGA stands for. Though, it is in their authority to capture all those aid for their families’ welfare.   They wouldn't have been that rich if MNREGA wasn't there, I assure. They are richer than any other villagers, why? Chance is that they don't want to see their inferiors getting richer as in respect but some are already challenged to opt for higher level. (NOT ALL)   This is why we need vernacular language to let the innocent villagers’ voice out the same but silenced as they don't want to be the first to receive that embarrassment. It is odd to act intellectual in front, so they remain silent to speak to circulate among themselves in silence within them.   May God Bless My Nagaland!   The articles in this column are compiled by The Naga Blog administrators.   Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Naga Blog.