Tupac Shakur would have become politician, reveals bandmate

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

Los Angeles, September 8 (IANS): The late rapper Tupac Shakur would have ventured into politics had he survived his Las Vegas assassination 27 years ago.

That is the insight from close friend E.D.I. Mean, who revealed that the iconic rapper saw his future in making a difference, reports Mirror.co.uk.

Hip-hop star E.D.I, 49, reckons Tupac would have marvelled at Barack Obama becoming the first US President in 2008. However, the rap icon would be concerned about how problematic societal issues that were important to the youth in the 1990s, remain relevant today.

E.D.I Mean, whose real name is Malcolm Greenidge, made his comments as fans around the world remember Tupac, who was fatally shot by rival gang members while riding close to the Las Vegas strip on September 7, 1996.

As per Mirror.co.uk, E.D.I, who rarely speaks today about Tupac to the media, revealed: “He spoke about his desire to eventually go into politics, or in that field in some regard. He had all of the ingredients for any good politician: charisma, intelligence, a good orator. Pac had all these qualities.”

E.D.I insists the state of the US, diversity, racism and equality “for 25-year-old Tupac, that was on his mind".

Asked what Tupac would have brought to the political world, E.D.I reacted: “I think his impact would have been equal to the impact his music had on the world and continues to have on the world.

“It doesn’t take a genius to see that. His music impacted the world from the time he got into the industry. As a community leader Tupac’s impact would have been significant.” E.D.I , who was privy to the personal thoughts and outlook of mentor Tupac, feels he would’ve been saddened by the “lack of progress” in society.