Unattended waste pile spawns health hazard

Kohima, January 11 : With the increasing population in Kohima town and to meet the requirements of the people, consumption has increased generating more waste. And in order to maintain a healthy environment, the administration and other government agencies had carried out various strategies, like providing equipments to different wards to clear garbage as dirty environment is one of the causes for emergence of new and strange diseases.
A doctor from Kohima in this regard said that the air and water may not be cent percent safe for human in areas where wastes are not cleared for a long time.
A government officer from upper Forest Colony, who was clearing garbage from the roadside, informed this correspondent that the Municipal Council should focus more on sanitation matter so as to rescue common man from the clutches of the diseases thereby giving a better support towards the clean and healthy environment.
He also pointed out that despite the Municipal Council and the district administration giving several instructions to dispose wastes in the authorized disposal sites, however, most of the citizens in different locality ignores the instructions and disposes their wastes at unauthorized sites causing unbearable foul smell to the residents in and around.
Expressing his concerned over the absence of sufficient waste bins in many places, he said, some few 50 meters away from his resident at upper forest colony located on the Jotsoma roadside, wastes are scattered causing foul smell and at the same time fear of creating health  hazards.
On ban of burning garbage, he said: “…indeed burning down of such is bad for nearby resident,” he however said that the wastes remain uncleared for more than a month or so, which is dangerous to health and therefore has urge the concerned authority to pay attention towards the same with special focus to the upper Forest Colony without any delay.
Also according to a colony resident, garbage at the colony was kept unattended for more than three months even on past occasions, forcing the passersby to close their nose especially on sunny days. It was further reported that few school kids were got minor injury from the liquor bottles disposed along road side.