UNPO resolution a reminder for Nagas to unite: LPO

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 7 (MExN): The Lotha Public Organisation (LPO) has said that the recent resolution of the Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organisation (UNPO) on the Naga political issue is a “reminder of the Naga people’s accountability, to unite as one antecedent.” 

In a recent resolution, during a virtual conference in the XV General Assembly of UNPO, it  had expressed support for a peaceful resolution of the Indo-Naga issue “which is just, long lasting, honorable and acceptable to both the sides.” It called upon the international community to appeal to India to “fulfill its commitments in the Framework Agreement and urged India to repeal acts such as the Armed Forces Special Power Act and the Disturbed Area Act which overly militarise the situation facing the Naga people.”

The LPO expressed support to the UNPO for extending its camaraderie and “validating the sacrosanct rights of the Nagas.” 

It claimed that a “historical landmark was achieved when the NSCN got an admission to the UNPO on January 23, 1993.” “The recognition of Naga National Movement by UNPO comes after more than a year-long effort by leaders of the NSCN led by Lt. Isak Chishi swu and Th. Muviah which culminated in signing of its Framework Agreement,” the LPO stated

“The support gained at the global coliseum through platform such as, the UNPO which has kept the pipe dreams for the Naga people. The veneration and esteem which the Naga political issue, is a matter of contentment for the Naga people.

At this censorious time in our history, the LPO impetrate upon the Naga political groups and the various Naga social organizations to barricade against the discordant within ourselves, and put our heads together as it would elucidate the kind of future that the Naga desire to see,” a press release from the LPO publicity cell stated.

It meanwhile urged the younger generation to “wake up from their slumber and forebear the social media warrior ecosystem and be prepared for the challenging future as they are the cornerstone of the Nagas.”