UPA Govt will be responsive to any solution put up by Naga people: Jamir

Congress candidate for the 26th Aonglenden A/C by-election today termed the ‘Journey of Common Hope’ initiated by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation as a correct approach and said that with the blessing of the Naga people he would also contribute towards bringing the Naga people under a common platform.
Addressing a press conference after filing his nomination, Dr Jamir, who is a former Chief Minister of Nagaland and also Governor of Goa and Maharashtra, asserted that the Nagas are going through a ‘critical and crucial’ period, and that the political front is leading to nowhere, though the entire people of Nagaland longs for logical conclusion of the Naga political problem. Expressing his personal view that ‘things should not be dragged on and on like this because of our foolishness’, Dr Jamir said that the political future has to be decided by Nagas themselves. He said that unlike the past, the UPA government is honestly and sincerely trying to find an amicable and honourable political solution to the Naga problem.  “I believe they (UPA Government) will be responsive to any solution put up to them by the Naga people,” he said.
Saying that the Naga people including the underground factions know that the Nagas are divided into faction, though they might be trying their best to find a solution to the Naga problem, Dr Jamir said that so long as we try to solve the Naga problem without the full involvement of all sections of the Naga community, ‘I don’t see any favourable prospect’.
In this connection, Dr Jamir said that after seeing all the complications in the political scenario, he felt that he could humbly contribute towards bringing Naga people together. “I felt that with the blessing of the Naga people, I could humbly contribute towards bringing together Nagas to a common platform as per the theme of the FNR – Forum for Naga Reconciliation – Journey of Common Hope,” said the veteran Congress politician. He termed the FRN Journey of Common Hope as a correct approach.
Besides, while saying that the sixty MLAs in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly enjoy the legitimate mandate of the Naga people, Dr Jamir expressed his sincere belief that if the sixty legislators recognize the gravity of the situation, sink their political differences and work as a united cohesive and committed body, then it can be the role model of unity of all sections of the Naga people.
“Towards this goal I want to involve personally so that I can be a humble instrument to help forge such unity…that is my mission,” said Dr Jamir.
Earlier before the press conference, Dr Jamir accompanied by about hundred fifty Congress workers including Congress MLAs and party workers marched nearly one kilometer from his private residence at Arkong Ward to the DC Office, Mokokchung to file his nomination.
CLP Leader Tokheho Yepthomi, MLAs Nungsangyapang, Sentichuba, C Apok Jamir, former Finance Minister, K Therie others witnessed the former Chief Minister and Governor of Goa and Maharashtra file his nomination paper. Meanwhile the former finance minister K Therie has been appointed as the Convener of the Election Campaign Committee of NPCC for this by-election.