US Justice Dept targets Bobby Jindal

Washington, March 4 (PTI): The US Department of Justice has targeted Indian origin Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as part of a investigation to find out whether the American state is complying with federal voting laws. J Christian Adams, a former attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, claimed that the ultimate purpose of the investigation is to file a federal lawsuit against the Jindal administration, a report published in 'Washington Examiner' said.
Meanwhile, the Indian-American Conservative Council (IAAC) has accused the Department of Justice with falsely trying to victimise Jindal. "Governor Jindal is well-respected as a policy leader who reaches across gender, racial and political lines to put the people of Louisiana first. He does not seek the political spotlight, but rather attempts to bridge gaps between different communities and find solutions to common problems," said IACC Chairman Dino Teppara.
"This latest news from the Justice Department appears to be a solution in search of a problem," Teppara said.