USSC pulls up ISPs for poor internet in Kiphire

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 18 (MExN): The United Sangtam Students Conference (USSC) has demanded that Internet Service Providers (ISPs), especially Airtel, Jio and BSNL improve the quality of internet in Kiphire district. 

A letter from USSC Vice President, Sethrongba Y Yingbithongrü to the Centre Managers of the three telecom companies in Kohima said that it has received multiple complaints from several online examiners regarding the poor internet service in the district. It said that internet service in the region is pathetic. 

“It is the bounden duty of all the ISPs to provide quality services to its customers. Despite repeated appeals for the improvement of internet service in the district, the internet connectivity remains pathetic and retrograde with no signs of improvement,” the USSC stated. 

Poor internet service should not hamper the students’ careers and smooth flow of all digital learning and teaching processes, the conference asserted. 

It noted that since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic all normal life, particularly for the students’ community has been affected owing to continued lockdown and discontinuation of offline classes. “The students rely on the internet for online exams and classes but due to un-serviceability of internet connectivity, all the students are facing untold hardship,” the USSC said. 

Stating that it would no longer remain a silent spectator, the USSC termed this letter as a “final warning” to all the internet service providers within its jurisdiction. It urged the ISPs to work immediately towards improving internet quality and connectivity in Kiphire.