VG commandant replies to TTC

Dimapur, Jan 18 (MExN): Thsandong Yimchunger, Deputy Commandant of Kiphire VG Today issued a rejoinder to the allegations made against him by the Tikhir Tribal Council (TTC) which was carried in a section of the local media January 7. 

On the allegations that under the pretext of a verification duty he had distributed assorted bullets to Village Guards of Pungro area and the Yimchunger public, the commandant termed it completely false and baseless. “It is true that I have visited the VG outpost of the Pungro circle on January 2 and 3rd 2007 with the clear direction of the Deputy commissioner, Kiphire, to inform all the VG under Pungro circle to remain in their respective post since the area falls under my jurisdiction” a rejoinder from the commandant stated. 

As directed, he went to all VG outposts of Pungro circle along with SDO (C), Pungro, and Assistant Commandant of VG Pungro and handed over the order of the Deputy Commissioner, Kiphire personally since it was a time bound matter that he could not proceed to Kiusam area due to the tense situation. 

“Therefore, returned back to Kiphire from Zanger village. As a government servant, it is my bounden duty to perform as directed by my higher authority. The allegation that I have distributed assorted bullets to the Yimchunger is baseless since which ever VG outpost I have visited, I have gone along with SDO (C), Pungro and Assistant Commandant, Pungro” he stated. Moreover, whatever ammunitions the VGs are receiving from the government are entered in the record “in black and white which no one can deny”. The allegation of his distributing ammunition and rifles to the VGs of Shamator area also does not arise since the area does not fall under his jurisdiction, he informed.

“Hence this is for clarification to all that whatever allegation made against me is totally false and baseless and I have no ill feelings against anyone. Whatever I have stated above, I have done my duties as directed and as a bona fide government duty” he said.