‘We’ve every right to use Kashmir door to teach India a lesson’

Lahore, March 25 (Agencies): Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has alleged that India has been aiding terrorist activities in Pakistan and that Pakistanis have “every right to use the Kashmir door” to throw the book at the neighbouring country. Speaking on the issue ‘Challenges faced by Muslim Ummah and their solutions’ at Hameed Nizami Hall in Lahore on Thursday, Saeed said that India was facilitating terrorist activities inside Pakistan and “we have every right to use Kashmir door to teach India a lesson”.
Calling for India to quit Kashmir as early as possible, he said that any delay would prove harmful for the country, ‘The Nation’ reports. Saeed, alleged to be the 2008 Mumbai terror attack mastermind, also claimed that the United States pressurised Pakistan and gave India a free hand to erect fences along the Line of Control. The arrival of the US and her allies in the region after 9/11 caused a blow to the freedom movement in the Kashmir region, he said. The US and her allies had now failed in Afghanistan and it was impossible for India to continue its control of Kashmir, he added.
Saeed said that the US and her allies were holding Pakistan responsible for their defeat in Afghanistan and that the West was hatching conspiracies to teach Pakistan a lesson- the drone attacks and the Raymond Davis episode being part of that scheme. He also said that the rulers set Davis free against public aspirations and now they would have to face the consequences for betraying the nation. Stressing upon unity among the Muslim ummah, Saeed said that the rulers should come out of the US and West slavery and rely on their own resources to meet the prevailing challenges. He also suggested boycotting the western states, which he said were hatching conspiracies and waging a war against Muslim countries.
Saeed said that the Muslim countries were possessing 80 per cent of the global resources, capable manpower and sufficient technology to live respectably, adding that there was no need to rely on the US and the enemies of Muslims. He, however, said that China could be a reliable friend of the Muslim bloc. Saeed also stressed upon improving the education system and curriculum, and equipping the future generation with the knowledge of Islam and the ideology of Pakistan. Referring to the tragic incident of desecration of Holy Quran at a Florida Church, he said that the enemies were resorting to blasphemy in desperation due to the fear of Islam and Muslims.