What 77th Independence Anniversary means to India and Naga Sovereignty

Rev Dr VK Nuh

The Naga National Tatar Hoho was held at the Imphai National Prayer Center in the Olo Naga area in Myanmar in 1978. At the same time in a prayer center, Head Chaplain of the Naga Army, Kekhwelhi from Mesulumi Village prophesied about Naga’s fate. The prophecy concerning Naga nationalism was spoken by him. In his prophecy, he warned both the Nagas and Indian people as a whole. He foretold that India would be punished and Nagas would persist. There will be a brief period of peace for the Naga people, he said then, but they would start killing and fighting among themselves. 

His prediction ultimately came true just as it was foretold. The conflict within Naga National Council (NNC) eventually led to the division of NNC and formation of National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN). The turmoil within NSCN led to the division of NSCN into NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) during 1980s following which killings began between the Khaplang group and the Isak-Muivah group. Many people lost their precious lives during those days. 

Sadly, the chaplain was murdered too. Kekhwelhi also prophesied to warn the Indian government about this prophecy of punishment. Ultimately, they wrote to the then Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi about the prophecy. However, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ignored the warning; following the events, she was also assassinated by her own body guard. Consequently, her son Rajiv Gandhi, then the Prime Minister of India was also killed by a Suicide bomber in Tamil Nadu. India faced national catastrophes and tragedies because she neglected and ignored the Naga political issue. India has promised several political settlements to the Nagas which was never fulfilled. But Nagas are still standing and fighting for freedom.

After the Congress Party was overthrown, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power led by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During the talk with NSCM (IM) for Framework Agreement, he said I will walk extra mile but now 9 (nine) years elapsed and nothing happened inspite of pressure from all sides. If justice is ignored, the same fate will befall to the Government of India. The 1964 Ceasefire Agreement was signed, a peace mission led by Rev. Michael Scott, BP Chaliha and JP Narayan. The peace talks deeply immersed into the Naga grassroots. The Peace Mission advised Jawaharlal Nehru then Prime Minister of India to send delegates from all party to see and study the root causes. Accordingly, Nehru sent a team from all party comprising of 12 members. The team have gone and interacted with all the tribes and Naga leaders and have seen the deep conviction of Naga people for freedom. 

Concluding the study, Massani, Member of Parliament and leader of the team reported to the Parliament in 1966 August session saying that ‘it is not time to say who is right and who is wrong but India must do what is right’. 70 years had elapsed now. But India never attempted to do what is right. Perhaps, India failed to realize Naga peoples will and determination and that it is the will of God. The world have witnessed from mass media that Naga people from village to village, tribe to tribe celebrated 77th Naga Independence Day in every Naga inhabited area. It means Naga people remains true to their own stand and to what their forefather had laid down the foundation for freedom and to remain as sovereign people. The day when 1st celebration was celebrated, many of the leaders were no more with new generations today. But new generations have picked up what their fathers and forefathers have done for the Naga people and it will never die down but continue. Israel people never went back to Egypt as they marched from the Egypt till they reached the Promised Land. It will be the same with Naga people.

Therefore, whatever prophecy has been said then in Imphai will happen again to India if they do not take the warning seriously. The writer is Chairman, Naga Archives and Research Centre, Toulazouma, Dimapur; Nagaland