Why CBCS to NEP?

Benda Zeliang
B.Sc Botany, Immanuel College Dimapur

Should I consider myself fortunate or unfortunate, that's what strikes my mind sometimes. Being a casualty of this two new system of education, there were so many confusing moment and I am pretty sure that others must have face the same despite of proper guidance from the concern teachers or lectures. 

CBCS (Course Based Choice System) of education was newly introduced in the 2022 which only last for a year. Pretty soon, without even having a clear concept on what exactly is the CBCS, we all were introduced to NEP system of education which was this year 2023.

This was a turning point where a feeling of confusion and aggression occurred, anhedonia captivate me every time I ponder on this things, p a feeling of being in a stage of trails and error capture my thoughts or a feeling of being an experiment tool for this new system of education dejected me even more. There were so many questions revolving in and around my head why me? Why us? Why our batch? So many things were flipping in my mind with an unclear vision to go forward. Yet despite of all this trauma, this is all for our good I believe. A sweet beginning for a sweet ending. 

Certain things happen for a certain reason and certain changes takes place for a certain good and development. 

Soon enough we all will be living in the future where artificial intelligence will take over everything. Reflecting on all this things, something flash back and cross my mind that how much can I go further with just a knowledge that big acquired and without any of the skill acquirement. 

This is when I started appreciating this new system of education where we all were privilege to access to the universal system of education at all level. 

I don't know what and who I'll be in the future yet still, I feel so fortunate to be the first batch and first one to get introduced to this new system of education where many multidisciplinary courses were provided  along side with skill enhancement, computer, vocabulary training etc. 

I clearly remember one of my very own professors talking about how LKG kids are now going for the preparation of herbarium sheet and it was a huge surprise as we did herbarium preparation only in our first year of B.Sc. 

Time has really changed, so is everything. There isn't really no time to stuck in an imaginary dreams. Like an hour glass or  like a ticking of clock, within a passage of time, we all will find ourselves in the future with all the advancement and technology. 

So are we be able to compete with those kids in the future  who were all born in this  era, or are we be capable enough to guide in the near future. The world is in our palm if we really make use of our time and opportunities in the right way. It is now or never.