Why Did Sin Come So Early Post The Flood???

If God was cleansing the world with flood…I believe that he had no intention on sin to come back so early?
When God does a job He does it good!!! So whose fault was it?
It was not God’s fault…but it was man’s choice because he disobeyed God’s instructions
Noah went out and planted a vineyard and got drunk.
If his wife was in the room instead of his son, maybe it would have been okay.
It would not be a problem for Noah’s wife to see him naked.
Ps 68:11-12 (amp) the lord gives the word [of power]; the women who bear and publish [the news] are a great host. The kings of the enemies’ armies, they flee, they flee! She who tarries at home divides the spoil [left behind]
These verses describe a company of women who proclaim glad tidings. The fascinating part is not women preaching the gospel but the fact that in this particular case they are convened by the Lord to destroy His enemies. They do such a great job that kings and armies flee in total disarray making it possible for these women to also loot the enemy’s camp.
The first expression of spiritual warfare involves a woman and the devil, see Gen 3:1-7.
Clearly it was not meant to be an isolated incident because immediately after the encounter, God decreed that the woman and her seed would oppose the devil forever (V14-16).
The role of woman society, especially in the church, is one that elicits
Passionate debate, much of it amplified by the breadth of the social and spiritual gap that separates the genders. God intends to use women alongside men, in a surprise attack to crush Satan’s head when the moment comes to put everything and everyone under Jesus’ feet. ONE OF SATAN’S GREATEST FEARS has to do with women. What woman can do to him constantly torments him-the root of Satan’s anxiety go back to the very beginning of life on earth when he received the ultimate threat of all times as part of a severe divine judgment. The threat Gen 3:15-and I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel.
God first curses satan who is disguised as serpent more than every beast of the field. Gen 3:14-so the Lord said to the serpent, because you have done this, you are cursed more than all cattle and more than every beast of the field; on your belly you shall go and you shall eat dust all the days of your life.. After relegating him to the bottom of the animal totem pole, God lowers him even further by cutting off his feet. God downgrades his mobility. Finally God ruins his diet too. BUT GOD IS NOT DONE YET!!!
Next…He threatens the devil with the woman by decreeing that her anger will forever be focused on him- God announces a REMATCH and He even reveals the result V15.
Satan is a loser from the moment God uttered this devastating threat. The devil had been working overtime to twist its meaning. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY EVIL WAS ABLE TO MANIFEST SO SOON AFTER THE FLOOD???
God does not make mistakes. He never miscalculates-If God sent the flood to purge a corrupt system and replace it with a healthier one why did sin come back so soon?
The answer has to do with a major mistake Noah made in relation with his wife. Prior to the flood, marriage reflected the lack of equality in relationship between a man and woman that was the result of the fall. Men did not walk side by side with his wife. Before and after the flood, order was not followed. Look closely as to how Noah and his family enters the ark. Gen 7:7- So Noah with his sons, his wife and his son’s wives went into the ark because of the waters of the flood. After the water receded God instructed again because the order is wrong. Noah’s wife was not given her place which is next to her husband, So God instructs again as it is now time for them to exit the ark.
Gen 8:16-Go out of the ark you and your wife, and your sons and your sons wives with you. Look closely again how God placed Noah’s wife next to him and ahead of children. Sequential order is important in biblical narratives especially when God is the one saying it!
So did Noah obey it? Unfortunately he did no obey God’s instructions. Gen 8:18-so Noah went out, and his sons and his wife and his son’s wives with him.
Almost immediately there is a tragic consequence. In the next chapter Noah plants a vine, then he drinks of the wine and gets drunk-in that drunken state his son Ham sees him naked. Ham reports of this to his other brothers in a manner demeaning to Noah. This related in Ham’s son Canaan being cursed by Noah after he learned what had happened. This curse in turn had catastrophic repercussion. Could this have been avoided?? Yes Noah should not have gone drunk in the first place but beyond that there never would have been a curse if Noah’s wife had been in the tent with him instead of Ham. For her Noah’s nakedness wouldn’t have been a problem. She would have covered him up. But his wife probably was not there coz she had been relegated to a secondary role. If Noah had obeyed God and left the Ark in the way prescribed by God none of this would have happened. Intimacy in marriage, the closest relationship between genders is vital. Without this closeness the image of God continues to be distorted on Earth, since both man and woman have been equally entrusted to maintain intimacy in their relationship. In addition, lack of intimacy opens the door to the enemy by rendering vulnerable.
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