Why is Hokheto Sumi digging up old bones?

Reply to the President NPCC on his accusation of Nagaland
MP (Lok Sabha)

Human nature is never satisfied, for there is bound to be a speck on the others’ eyes. It is also human nature to point out faults of only those who you consider enemies, for if the same deed is done by someone from the same party, it is overlooked and amnesia sets in. Mutual respect has never been a virtue amongst politicians and party functionaries, which leads to unnecessary finger pointing.

It is much appreciated that Shri Hokheto Sumi, President NPCC has gone through all lengths to expose the MP (Lok Sabha) Nagaland, but I really feel for the President because the topic which he has brought up is somewhat old and stale. Another important fact is that the MP was never issued a warrant of arrest, but he did go to the Court to clarify certain misunderstandings. Plus the court had found out that the accuser was the actual accused; thus he (Amit Lamba) was arrested.

As a President of the biggest party (State Unit), Mr. Sumi holds a lot of responsibilities, thus the image has to be lived up to, but with such petty accusations he is just opening up windows for attack. The MP does not need to say anything, for “barking dogs seldom bite.”

As a responsible Naga leader, the President should have been giving advice, plus tutoring the younger generation of politicians on party etiquette and morals, instead of digging up old bones. If Nagas are to develop and progress we all need to stop pointing fingers and start focusing on our weaknesses and the parties’ weakness, thus making all united, mature and a sense of brotherhood prevail.

As said earlier, this accusation is a very stale one, which has been cleared and those involved arrested and fined, plus the newspaper that published the news item has been sued and have been asked for the damages caused, since it is a ploy to tarnish the name and image of the MP Lok Sabha. It is always advisable to look at the bright, positive side of an individual and stop focusing on the negative all the time.

In conclusion, under what circumstances should the MP be called back? The Government has not elected the MP Lok Sabha to represent the state of Nagaland, but he has been elected by the electorate, therefore only the public (that too with majority) has the right to recall the MP and not anybody else, regardless of party affiliations.

If our senior leaders start acting in this manner, the future does not look bright for the up and coming politicians, which is rather unfair and selfish. As a preacher once said, there are two sides of a cross. One side we see the tortured and painful frontal of the crucifix, thus most Christians focus on this, but only a few realize that there is another side of the crucifix, which portrays the backside of the crucifix, which is more significant, since the backside of the crucifix portrays forgiveness of our sins, victory over our weaknesses, complete satisfaction and hope.

What I mean to say, is that we need to see both sides of the coin before pointing fingers at another, and accusing each other, which ultimately breeds hatred and division. Instead, it is time our senior leaders show more maturity, and also be a mode for the younger generation to follow. It would be wrong if we do not thank the NPCC for giving me so much publicity, for everyone knows this is an old case, plus as earlier expressed, the MP is not like an ARC or RC or a tourist officer where he can be called back, since the MP took office only after showing the majority of votes, so only the voters, that too the majority of the voters, can ask the MP to resign, which he certainly will if the majority so desires, otherwise no party or person can use the term “recall” at any time or juncture.

It is also pertinent on the part of local English dailies to clarify various facts before sending the story for printing, for relationship is like a fine strand/thread; once broken it can never be rejoined or repaired. The most that can be done is to bind both ends, for unbreaking it is simply impossible (this is why the term ‘unbreaking’ is not in the dictionary).

Kedi Haralu
Press Secretary to MP (LS), Nagaland