‘Youth are searching for meaning’

Dimapur, May 11 (MExN): Bringing a series of answers to solve the “hidden pains and turmoil between youth and parents”, Imtijungla Longchar in her latest book ‘Parents & Youth’ makes an effort to deal with the challenges that parents and youths face, and also to examine practical steps to meet those challenges. This time, Imtijungla Longchar, “the Bestselling author of Youth Dilemma and Youth Syndrome”, focuses mostly on parents.

The author shares that “both parents and youth have always had profound pains, but today the pains are often deeper and more complicated. Suddenly young people and parents are faced with a big crisis. Youth are searching for self fulfilment, new identity, new direction, a new way out, and a new meaning in life. And parents are confused how to deal with them.”

During a brief interaction with mediapersons on May 11, Imtijungla says that she mainly writes from her practical experiences. She adds that the book addresses parents and tells them what to do with the issues the young generation are confronted with today. The main issues addressed in the book include cults, tattoos, cuttings, hip-hop culture, relationship, self esteem, etc. The author wants parents to understand the youth better because, she says, “the families fall off suddenly and the parents can’t understand why all of a sudden everything seems so shattered. They watch helplessly as their relationship breaks. They turn here and there, searching desperately for a solution.”

Expressing confidence that the book “will be an asset”, she encourages both parents and youths saying, “If you can find the courage to sit down together, read this book together, and interact openly about tough problems, you can learn how to cope with today’s crises and help each other.”

S Wati Aier, husband of Imtijungla and also her publisher, says that as a publisher he encourages her books as she focuses her attention on what people need. Some of her books have been reprinted, some more than 15,000 copies, due to “readers’ demand” and this shows that her books are liked by many people, he adds. Imtijungla’s books are found even in the remote places in Nagaland. It is also available in places like Delhi, Dehradun, Shillong and other places in the northeast as it is well distributed by OM and Word of Christ.

Talking from the reader’s viewpoint, Among Lemtur, youth pastor at City Faith Church, says that he practically uses her book in ministry and to counsel young people successfully as “they speak to the very issue and core of the youth”.

The book ‘Parents & Youth’ was dedicated by Rev. Dr. Nuklu, Principal at Discipleship Bible College, on May 9. Published by Voice of God Ministries, ‘Parents & Youth’ is available in all Christian books stores in North East India at a cost of Rs.150.

Imtijungla Longchar is a teacher by profession. She is also an author, preacher and a resource person at youth, women and family seminars. She started her writing career in 1996. Her first book ‘Issues between husband and wife’ was published in 1997 and 1,500 copies were sold out in just two weeks. With the support of her husband and senior mentors, she has authored 11 books till date.