Youth forum critical of NSCN-IM cadres

Dimapur, July 16 (MExN): Cadres of the NSCN-IM are exacting heavy toll from the people of Tirap and Changlang district in Arunachal Pradesh, a youth organization from Arunachal Pradesh states. Developmental activities have been put to “extinction,” the locals intimidated and even personal income are taken away by the NSCN-IM cadres, in the name of Naga nationhood, the Tirap and Changlang Youth Welfare Forum stated in a statement received here. 

The letter, appended by executive of the youth forum highlighted instances where NSCN-IM cadres in the two districts are said to be subjugating the people in various ways. The letter mentioned one “Lieutenant Colonel” of the NSCN-IM who along with his cadres has pushed all development activities to “extinction.” Even local non-locals in the areas have come to ‘enjoy,’ the forum lamented. The poor locals work hard to make ends meet but they are forced to surrender their hard-earned money; they are unable to provide for their wives and children even with basic needs, it was stated. Notwithstanding the immense misery and suffering they are subjected to, the locals bear and carry out the dictates of the cadres for fear of their lives, the forum informed. “They have become like slaves…there is no freedom to weep even” the forum cited. 

The lives of the locals are one under constant fear; top-ranking cadres of the outfit have also become contractors, threatening the natives at gun-point to hand over their earnings. And this is all in the name of Naga nationhood, the youth forum stated. 

“Such great are the woes and affliction of the native people here and the great lamentation is in the fact that there is not a single soul to protest against such inhuman acts; no one dares to face the gun” the forum stated. Submitting this grievance, the forum queried what crimes have the locals committed that their happiness should be sacrificed for the sake of some selfish motives. The forum has called upon the competent authority in concern to look into this matter at the earliest and bring the misery of the people of Tirap and Changlang to end.