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Indus Creed: The ‘Rock Machine’ are back!

Indus Creed: The ‘Rock Machine’ are back!
(From left) Mahesh Tianaiker, Uday Benegal and Zubin Balaporia of Indus Creed  during a press conference at Niathu Resorts, 7th Mile, Dimapur on December 7.. (Photo Courtesy: LiveNow Events)

Morung Express News

The press meet with India’s premier rock band Indus Creed was a song writing workshop in itself. It was a lesson in modesty, peppered with a lot of fun and tons of words of wisdom!

The press conference was held at the Niathu Resort, Dimapur, informed LiveNow Events, the organizer of Hornbill Music Festival 2019.

When asked about the fanbase in Nagaland, the band members were pleasantly surprised to find out about their huge fan following in Nagaland. Given their formation 35 years ago and their early performances in Kohima and Dimapur, Indus Creed’s arrival in Nagaland has come after a gap of two decades. Their performance on the 8th night of the Hornbill Music Festival of December will consist of their popular rock classics that will take fans back to their heydays as well as newer compositions.

Taking us back to the time they first performed in Nagaland as Rock Machine, the band recalled a few funny anecdotes from their experience. The airport, they quipped, had changed a lot from when they’d first arrived. Another amusing incident was about how they had arrived at a time when electrical engineers were holding a strike. The stage was then illuminated with the light of candles because there was no power. In addition, they mentioned Naga Rice Beer as a drink they enjoyed tremendously.

Coming back to music, they had a lot to say about how the music scene has changed. Veterans that they are, Uday replied, “It would take a week to talk about how much it has changed.” But one important and major change in the music scene according to them is how musicians are now expected to play originals. Back then, cover songs weren’t just the norm, it was what was expected for Indian musicians. Now the good thing is that musicians can perform originals and be lauded for it, they added.

They also talked about mistakes being the stepping stones to success and how small mistakes during composition added nuances that made music even better. “These days, technology has made musical composition perfect and without mistakes,” Zubin said. However, he added that it sometimes stands in the way of creativity.

The band also noted that technology has made music easily accessible and disposable to the public. Keeping this in mind, they opined that technology and progress has changed music in many better ways too.

When asked about their inspirations, the band had answers that every musician should know about. They draw their inspiration from experiences, cultures, contemporary musicians as well the change that happens within themselves. According to them, musicians should step out of their comfort zones and not be afraid of what people have to say about them. The most important thing for a musician, they surmised, is to allow life to happen to yourself and in the process, express themselves truthfully.

Questioned about their experiences in the northeast, they replied that they love how the northeastern states have so much in common while staying unique. “We love the unique cultures of the northeast and wouldn’t want it changed or dominated at all by the other cultures of India. We hope that it always stays this way,” Uday ended.



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