Courteney Cox opens up on why she wishes she'd been a "firmer parent" to her daughter

Los Angeles, April 25 (IANS): Actress Courteney Cox, who shares a daughter, Coco, with her former husband David Arquette, reflected on her upbringing, acknowledging instances where she hesitated to intervene in certain situations despite sensing that something wasn't right at the time.

Cox opened up on the 'Minnie's Questions' podcast, expressing, "I didn’t want to step in even though I knew something wasn’t right because she would get so mad at me. I did understand, and I should’ve trusted myself, and I should’ve stepped in."

"I’m not saying I made her who she is, but you do see things in other people, whether it’s just always taking care of people and being the nicest person. And I mean, that’s one of the things with age, I’ve learned to say no, I’ve learned to have boundaries," she added.

Reflecting on her parenting journey, Cox admitted, “But I mean, earlier on when she was a kid, or not even that many years ago, I wish I’d been a firmer parent."

Currently, in a relationship with Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid, Cox shared a surprising anecdote about their past.

She revealed that there was a moment when he split up with her just one minute into a counselling session.

Describing the experience as intense, she added: "We broke up in therapy. I didn’t know it was coming. He broke up with me within the first minute, I was like, ‘What?' I was in so much pain. I also don't like surprises. There was that much that needed to be dealt with that he had to protect himself around his heart."

The 'Scream' actress further disclosed that when they eventually reconciled, she had gained valuable insights about her own relationship with the world.