Nagaland Congress renamed ‘Nagaland Reformation Party’

Morung Express News
Dimapur | September 8

Nagaland Congress, which was formed in June 2016, has changed its name to Nagaland Reformation Party (NRP) during a special session of its central council held at Tourist Lodge, Dimapur on Friday.


The party has also changed its flag from a tricolor with a Naga morung in the centre to sky blue colour on each side and white colour in the middle with a new image of a Naga morung in the centre.


The resolution to these changes was moved by party Vice President, Khusatho, and unanimously adopted by the house by raising of hands.


Speaking at the programme, NRP President, Nillo Rengma spoke about lack of transparency and uncontrolled corruption in the Naga society, be it government, NGOs, Naga national political groups or any other, which are in dire need of reformation.


“With this objective of reforming the Naga society, we have decided to change our nomenclature to NRP,” he added.


NRP Treasurer, Z. Lohe said that the word ‘reformation’ could not have come to the mind of party leaders if the state government, civil societies and other sections of the society were effectively and positively functioning.


“It has become like there is no government, so many Naga national political groups, tribalism and so on. With this scenario, it has become most relevant to bring reformation to our state and so the change of nomenclature to fit the Party’s objective,” he added.


He also accused the Nagaland Governor, whom he described as an “RSS pracharak,” of “trying his best to bring Hinduism and convert Christians.”


Lohe also cautioned the people against the dangers of transforming Nagaland into another Tripura, Sikkim and Jharkhand where non-indigenous people have become “a menace.”


During the meeting, the party also launched its Youth Wing to be headed by Nzanbemo Lotha as the Working President. It was informed that a full-fledged Women Wing would be set up soon.