Shürhozelie reiterates on ‘identity’ & ‘faith’

Shürhozelie reiterates on ‘identity’ & ‘faith’

Kohima, February 21 (MExN): Naga People’s Front (NPF) president, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu has cautioned that “unless we stand firm, speak the truth and protect and preserve our identity and faith” a day may come “when the unique identity of the Nagas and their faith could be destroyed by forces alien to the Naga people.”


Addressing an election rally of Er. Kropol Vitsu, the NPF candidate of 15th Southern Angami A/C, in Viswema on February 21, he further urged the Naga people not to “fall under any temptation, or be lured away, since it is our freedom to choose any political party or leaders.”


The NPF president reiterated that 2018 general election is not just a contest between the political parties for formation of government, but “a contest between Naga people and forces from outside the State which are alien to the Naga ways of life,” according to a press release from NPF Press Bureau.


Referring to the NDPP leaders, he said “these Naga leaders, just for the sake of power and money, would soon land the Naga people into great trouble” and that “Nagas should not succumb to their trap but realise what the future holds for us if NDPP-BJP alliance forms the government in the Naga soil.”


2018 election, he stated, is a moment for the Naga people to uphold the true spirit of being Nagas. “Though we play politics, we should not forget our roots and identity,” he urged.


Reiterating that NPF was formed in the year 1964 “out of compulsion to safeguard and to protect the Naga people,” Shürhozelie said the party still upholds that principle, the release added.


Asking which party stands and belongs to the Naga people and can really work for the Naga people, he urged every individual to use their wisdom and decide accordingly in the coming election.


He regretted that the 12th house saw political crisis after another “due to some corrupt leaders” and hence “development in the state could not take place to the expectation of the people,” but expressed satisfaction that the NPF has identified “those corrupt leaders” and were denied party tickets.


“I am happy that only committed, fresh and capable leaders were issued the party tickets,” he said, adding “those corrupt leaders have flocked together to either NDPP or BJP.”


The president exuded confidence that the Naga people will vote for the NPF to form the next government.


Meanwhile, Er. Kropol told the people that NPF is the only party which can work for the constituency and the state. Therefore, he urged to vote for him and bring changes to the society.


NPF 15 Southern Angami-II A/C president, Mhashemeyie Neikha, NPF Kohima division president, Gonei-u Serie and working president, Central Women Wing, Khriezobeinuo Sanchu also spoke on the occasion.