Vote to save Nagaland

Rev. Dr.V.K. Nuh

The Nagaland state was formed under the blood-bath of the freedom strugglers. Since then the state politicians began to indulge in corruption in large scale. The third general election held in 1974 became a landmark in history of corruption in Nagaland, because the people indulged in all kind of immoralities and corruptions. The innocent public were taught to practise dishonesty and immorality, as a result of which the entire population was exploited left and right by the corrupt politicians. All God fearing people wept over the sad situation for which one could do almost nothing.


I believe out of 195 candidates, eleven lakhs voters will sincerely decide who can run the state government of Nagaland. I believe Naga people did not lose their conscience, it is too early to bury Nagaland. I hope all Naga people still remember Naga plebiscite (1951) who on behalf of present generation and for the sake of today’s generation, tens of thousands of Naga patriots shed their blood and died. Above all the precious blood of Jesus Christ that has purchased Naga people. At present situation the news does not give us any consolation but it has become bad to worse, alcohol flowing like flood in all constituency, money flowing to all the people. Do Nagas think that such kind of corruption will save our nation? It is not the party, it is the individual’s conscience that will prove whether it is a worthy state or not. If you do not believe that you are living in promise land, the curse would come to your land. God cannot tolerate sinful nature of tongue like an unbridled horse. As now the last hour has come, there is no time to go to church and listen to prophetic voice. Therefore let us by clear conscience, faithfully convince your follower and not by money, keep your conscience clear and vote to save Nagaland.