A call for inaction in the Pulpit

“Christian men and women, self- renunciation is the cardinal ethic of the Christian church” –  Dr Charles Inwood

Political and military histories are wrapped up around individual men. History is sprinkled with the names of men who invested themselves with certain power and often made the world tremble. Think of the evil genius Hitler. What king’s he overthrew! What governments he tottered! What millions of graves he filled; to our age he was a bigger scourge than ten plagues. Hitler had one thing to do, and he did it!

The Bible says that in the last days when wicked men do wickedly,” the people that do know their god shall be strong and do exploits.” Not those who sing about God; not those who write or preach about God, but they that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. Not talking about food will fill the growling stomach; not speaking of the knowledge will make us wise; not talking of God means that the energies of the Holy Ghost are within us. We do well to ponder the fact that revival comes as a result of a cleansed section of the church; bent and bowed in supplication and intersession. Viewing an age shackled with false religion and sickened at the sight of perishing millions; then wait – perhaps days, weeks, and even months until the spirit moves upon them and heaven opens in revival blessings. 

The church of our day should be pregnant with passionate propagation, where as she is often pleading with pale propaganda. To be sure, methods of child delivery have altered with the rapid growth /advance with massive impetus; but again we say that science, that darling of all the doctors, just cannot shrink the entire nine months of the child formation. Now, Christian brethren, we are beaten by the time element. The preacher and church, too busy to pray, are busier than the Lord would let them be. Well, if we will give God time, He will give us timeless souls. If we hide in our soul- impotence and call upon His name, God will bring forth our light as the noonday. The church has cartload. But where are her agonizers? Then that means that the channel is blocked; it means God cannot get through to this age because of lack of power in the church. So then, so what fellow men and women’s? Indeed so, lack of revival is our err, or,  as our ‘grave blunder, even when being Christians’.

“A revival of religion presupposes a declension,” (G F Finney). God is one pent – up revival; “so we can have revival,” accordingly to that power that workout in us,” for we, Christians’ shall receive power; after that the Holy Ghost is come upon us. (Acts 1:8). This is not power merely to perform, or for that matter of fact, to do miracles, for before Pentecost they – disciples- did miracles and cast out demons and devils. Nor is just power to organize, power to preach, power to translate the Scriptures, power to enter new territories, sanctuary for the Lord. All this is good. But the real one question which we ourselves – professing the Christian faith and belief ought to confront in true boldly stance is; “Have we have the Holy Ghost / Spirit, power – Power that restricts the Devil’s power, pull down strongholds and obtain promises. “Daring delinquents will be damned if they are not delivered from the devil’s dominion. What has hell to hear other than God – anointed prayer – powered church.      

Beloved Christian brethren, let must put away all trifling. Let us forget denominational issues. Let us “give ourselves continually to prayer and to other ministry of the Word,” “for faith cometh by hearing.” God has not mechanized his glorious power to; fit our time – geared religious machinery. Let us not have double motive, volatile intentions in our prayer / praying. No petitions colored with desire to save the face of a falling denomination. Let our eye, sight, vision and burning passion be single to God’s glory.

O, brother, pray fervently; in spite of Satan, pray; spend hours kin solemn prayer; rather neglect friends than, pray; rather fast, and lose breakfast, lunch, noon time tea siesta and supper- and sleep too – than not pray. And, we must not talk about prayer, we must, pray in the right earnest. The Lord is near. He comes softly while the Virgins’ slumber.” 

(an unfinished task / article of lt. J. T. Yanthan)