A visit to Civil Hospital Tuensang

The Civil Hospital of Tuensang is facing lots of problems, right from the shortage of Doctors to proper sanitation, basic medical equipments and medicines. Moreover since there is no one to check or voice against all this problems faced by the people of the district, the concern department gives no heed . During a visit along with Chang Khulei Setshang (CKS) and Chang Student’s Union Tuensang Town (CSUTT) some of the facts about the hospital were found.

1. Actually there is suppose to be a minimum of 17 (seventeen) doctors but at present there are only 8 (eight) doctors again out of this eight doctors, 2(two) doctors are on study leave, one deputed (?) to UNICEF and there are only five (5) doctors present in the station out of which there is only two specialized doctors. So where are the remaining doctors?

2. When enquired about the Medical Superintendent it was learned that the hospital is running/managing without MS for the last few months. On further enquiry it is learned that a new MS has already been send to Tuensang Civil Hospital but till now he/she has not even reported to the hospital (joining report). It shows a good game played by the department concerned to the people of Tuensang. Keep it up.

3. It is also learned that the Hospital needs specialized doctors in various fields, so far only the surgeon is performing all those duties due to the shortage/ absence of specialized.

4. At present the hospital has hundred beds, which is very much insufficient, now since a construction of 50 beds is already in pipeline we believe that the problem of beds will be solved very soon.

5. The supply of medical equipments has been totally stopped since some few decades back. Even the supplied medicine, which is supposed to be available, is very inadequate. The department supplies medicines only twice or thrice in a year that’s also in less quantity. Even the X ray machine is out dated, again to add to the problem it is out of order since a decade and no one is able to repair it (may be because of superior technology). There is supposed to be around 30 (thirty) staff nurse but it is very surprising to find that even the nurses are attached to somewhere. So far with the help of student nurses it is somewhat running.

6. The hospital has become a jungle due to dumping of garbage everywhere; it shows the negligence and insincerity of fourth grade employers, which is to blame the MS or the authority.

Finally it is an appeal to the department concerned to please come and check the condition. Again the doctors and nurses should not be attached or deputed to anywhere. At the same time it is an appeal to Doctors and nurses not to engage in any organizations for your own income while neglecting your duty because it is found that some doctors are hardly present in the station while serving in some other NGO’s or organizations. Here is a true story, once a patient went to the hospital and enquired about a certain doctor as he trusted that particular doctor but the reply he got was “Aree aboni najani? Tar to seminar, workshop, training, meeting, UNICEF, WHO sob laka tey member aseh, eto bara bahar tay jaishay”.

Lanu Chang