ACAUT Nagaland reiterates ‘One Govt, One Tax’

Supports Konyak Union’s declaration on ‘No Unity, No Taxation’

Dimapur, April 16 (MExN): ACAUT Nagaland today welcomed the decision of Konyak Union (KU), encompassing all its stakeholders including the nine Konyak elected representatives, to publicly declare the referendum on ‘No Unity, No Taxation.’ 

ACAUT Nagaland in a press release issued through its Media Cell also welcomed the recent declaration of Naga Tribal Union, Chümoukedima reaffirming ‘One Government, One Tax’ as the “rampant taxations by various Naga Political Groups (NPGs) is killing the aspirations of the people and bleeding the economy.” 

“This is clearly drawing the lines for public uprising against an effeminate Government that refuses to protect its law-abiding citizens,” it stated. “Today that political consciousness has become an antithesis to our own people by our so called leaders. The biggest fear and dread of the Naga public is the unabated taxes by the various splinter groups that profess the same objective without any vision.”

Since the time Nagaland came under Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), ACAUT observed that “MHA seems to be drawing sadistic pleasure by not enforcing strict ceasefire monitoring rules but unleashing a reign of unabated taxation terror on the public of Nagaland.”

Stating that ACAUT has always asserted that unabated taxation is the root cause of factionalism, and factionalism the root cause of killings, it said, “MHA seems to support this sinister logical conclusion by entering into ceasefire with all and sundry. Under Ceasefire rules, any groups in agreement are issued assault weapons meant for war zones to various card holders. Without adequate rations and rehabilitation in their designated camps, the villages and towns have become their poaching grounds for unabated taxation.”

It also stated that the sagacity, statesmanship and leadership of the KU has comes at the nick of the time, before Nagaland sinks to a civil war because of factional clashes due to unabated taxation. “Having top rankings Konyak leaders in most of the NPGs, notwithstanding the significance of having blood brothers across boundaries, it only adds substance to the principled stand of ‘No Unity, No Taxation’” it asserted. 

ACAUT also called on all Naga tribes to chorus this clarion call and publicly issue similar declaration in all the other districts. 

It also reminded the Naga public of the ‘One Government, One Tax’ public resolution made on October 31, 2013. “Time has come for all the citizens of Nagaland not only to say enough is enough but to walk the talk by bringing this prolonged ceasefire to an honourable and peaceful settlement with the GoI at the earliest,” it added.