Is the acquiring of power corrupting the behavior and life of many young people in Nagaland? Why?



Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. Younger people have this tendency to blame the older generation. This kind of attitude is one of the roots to corruption. We must know that corruption is not only about money. It is the corrupted mind that is a menace to the society. Today our state is full of corrupted minds.

•    Yes. They have learnt the worst attributes of western consumerism and their role models are corrupt politicians and other self styled misleaders.

•    Yes. In Nagaland ways of acquiring power is so much unfair, immoral and injustice. Thus, it automatically breeds and impacted the life of the people. Unfortunately, among tribals in northeast, nagas have least moral integrity because of why state of 56years old still struggling to be human and dreaming to be par with modern progress, development and civilization.

•    Yes. The young people are beginning to behave and act just like the older folks whose life has been corrupted with power. What a tragedy!

•    Yes. Today Nagas need a new generation of leaders. We expect them to behave, think and act differently. But, unfortunately, we are seeing many young politicians, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, church pastors, musicians and social personalities behaving not very different from the previous generation of leaders. No wonder, things are not changing in our state.

•    Yes. It is obvious that the Greed for power has greatly overtaken Humanity in every aspect.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No. The unending corruption in our society is due to the legacy of our elder generations especially between 1960s- 1990s. People of this generation are our fathers, uncles, leaders or that person in the family that providing us the Bread and Livelihood. This generation believed getting a government, either through honest or dishonest means, as blessings. And it is this generation that had have lived to witnessed all those inhuman activities that occurred because of our Differences in nationalism. They are so used to all these things that They believed “Killing is the worst kind of sin Whereas  Corruption seems mere sinful activities to them."

•    No. Power enhances freshness.

•    No. There is education and women role issue.

•    No. With Power comes responsibility. There is no shortcut to acquire power, either by good or unfair means. Power in the hand of right person will bear good fruits & the vice versa. A state without vision leads to chaos. Today, the young people in Nagaland needs proper guidance & direction; to understand our present Naga situation, to know our History, to embrace our culture, to follow tradition, to update with modernity, to be rooted in Christian values& to strive for a peaceful and progressive Nagaland. Nagaland’s latest version is in the making & the powerful young minds are the pillar to it.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    This is poorly framed. What do you mean by power?

•    It is still too early to decide by the signs are not good. We see too many young leaders forming one group or the other, jumping from one organisation to the other or leaders joining social organisations for their political mileage.