Alarming percentage of pre-cancerous lesions among Naga youngsters: Study

CIHSR, Biocon Foundation releases Oral Cancer Screening Campaign Report

  Dimapur, November 7 (MExN): An alarming 8% percentage of young people between the age of 15-19 years have pre-cancerous lesions, highlighted a case study report released on the World Cancer Day.   While the case study was conducted only at Diphupar area of Dimapur, health officials associated with the study noted that with high prevalence of tobacco users in the Naga society, other area might show similar result.   The ‘Oral Cancer Screening Campaign Report,’ carried out by the Christian Institute of Health Research & Science (CIHSR) as a case study in partnership with Biocon Foundation Bangalore at Diphupar area, was released at Chief Medical Officer’s office, Dimapur on November 7.   Altogether, the oral cancer screening was done for 3783 general public and 3300 students, informed a press release from CMO Dimapur adding that, 16 schools and 9 colleges were along with the public part of the study.   At the presentation, Dr. Roshan, a Consultant at CIHSR pointed out that younger people are beginning to suffer from cancer and a lot of this data goes unnoticed.   “The report also showed the percentage of alcohol consumption was high in students than in general public,” he noted.   Despite being declared a Tobacco-Free Zone, the study also found out that more than 190 shops still sell tobacco products in the area.   Dr. Roshan also informed that the case study was conducted via private interviews and the data securely and confidentially uploaded on a mobile app.   Further lamenting that the initiation age to tobacco in this region was much lower than in other regions, he said people as young as 15 years start using tobacco products.   Dr. Praveen, Birur, Lead Specialist, Biocon Foundation and Professor of Dental School Bangalore also advocated for developing innovative health technologies so that even low skilled health workers can operate them to target schools and stop early tobacco habits.   The Nodal officer, NTCP Dimapur Dr. Tetseo also reiterated the high prevalence of tobacco users in Naga society and the high number of very young people using tobacco products is very alarming.   After the presentation, the CMO Dimapur Dr. K. Vikato Kinimi suggested that a good strategy should made jointly by the Department in collaboration with CIHSR and other stakeholders to combat the menace. The program was chaired by Dr. Atsung, Community Health CIHSR.   According to the press release, similar screening campaigns will be carried out in Dhansiripar area in the near future. Representatives of Nagaland Dental Association, North East Institute of Social Sciences, Dimapur and staff under CMO Dimapur also attended the presentation, it added.

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