Aniston needs water to stay happy

Jennifer Aniston feels "cranky" if she doesn't drink enough water. The 41-year-old actress believes the secret to good skin is staying hydrated and she feels an instant impact if she fails to consume enough liquid. She said: "I don't really have any beauty tips but drink a s**tload of water. I say, if anything, that's the one thing I've noticed with my skin. If I stop drinking water, I dehydrate badly, and I get cranky. Water really works."
Downing water isn't her only obsession, the 'Break-Up' star is also fascinated with jeans and amidst she owns hundreds of pairs. She added: "I have hundreds of pairs of jeans in my closet, it's slightly embarrassing.
"Lately, I seem to be wearing a lot of Degaine denim. I like their slim boot-cut in the classic blue colour." Jennifer likes to match her jeans with a 'lucky' necklace which she wears most days.