Appeal to release Brig. Khamlong unhurt and not repeat the same

While I am not against or for any Naga National Party or faction but as I am for all the Nagas as one family. Therefore, I would remind us once again that the hidden agenda of the India has always been to divide and rule us and that the Nagas fighting against each other, killing each other and kidnapping each other only helped our enemy to no end.

Therefore, I appeal to GPRN/NSCN to release Brig. Khamlong without harm and I made this special appeal for clemency in view of the fact that he came all the way from Myanmar to see his ailing daughter. Naga needs unity more than anything right now and hence as village elder and founder of GB Federation of Nagaland, I made this appeal to all the National Workers to stop this monkey business of fighting, kidnapping, killing each other and instead unite for the Naga cause.

Founder and First President
GB Federation of Nagaland.
Hq.Razhiiphe Kuda Area.