AR raid draws Chedema flak

Dimapur, May 20 (MExN): Two organizations from Chedema village today denounced the May 19 raid of the 16th Assam Rifles on the residence of an NSCN (IM) cadre one KK Angami in the village and the arrest of who were stated to be two ‘innocent civilians.’ Chedema Village Youth Organization (CVYO) and Chedema Cherudeki Youth & Sports Association (CYSA) issued separate notes today denouncing the raid.  
According to the CVYO, the Assam Rifles came under the command of one Colonel Narvin. The security force violated the ceasefire ground rules by launching the raid and arresting two others, Vephrekhotuo ad a Nopi. The said Vephrekhotuo is a member of “its youth” and “does not involve in any anti-social activities” or any underground faction, the CVYO stated in its note. He is only staying with the said KK Angami’s family. Vephrekhotuo is the son of Angami’s elder sister, the note said. Likewise, the said Nopi is a student of Miracle Theological College in Dimapur. He is being sponsored by the wife of Angami as entrusted by the church, the CVYO note said, and was staying with the family as he is on holiday.
Further, the CVYO said KK Angami “has strong personality in the process of peace-making” and is a God-fearing person. “The Assam rifles, by doing such barbaric acts, adversely creating insecurity for the innocent inhabitants of the village in particular and the Nagas in general” the CVYO explained. The organization added, “Such unlawful acts would not be tolerated within its jurisdiction” and has urged the Assam Rifles authority to “refrain from such acts of devilish behavior in future.”
The CYSA also denounced the raid calling it ‘unlawful acts’. The organization said the Indian government cannot be trusted “under any circumstances or agreements made for the Naga political issue.”
“Nagas have every right to settle anywhere or any place in our motherland whether our ground or underground” the note from the CYSA asserted. “India army cannot deny our natural rights. We the Nagas, we have every right to fight or protect our motherland.” The Assam Rifles have ‘intentionally violated’ the ceasefire ground rules between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM), the note said and asked “law-enforcing agencies to look into the matter with all seriousness and punish the Assam Rifles personnel.”