Are the Nagas ready for a Naga Idol?

Those who said ‘Yes’ had this to say:

•    We Nagas have potentiality and have inborn gift.

•    We are capable to do that now.

•    I think so because we Nagas have a lot of talent but we don’t have the platforms to show- case it. So I guess a thing like ‘Naga idol’ should help in the talent spread.

•    Why not.....we got the talents

•    With so much talent around we are definitely ready for an ‘Idol’, who can also be a role model for all young Nagas.

•    Because Nagas are much, much better singers than many people in the whole of India, there are plenty of talents and energy but there is a lack of proper platform to expose it. I’m outside of Nagaland and I know the differences between the Nagas and the rest. Nagas are born with the blood of music as the Punjabis are born with the blood of dancing.

•    Yes, we’re ready for ‘an idol.’ If its not now, then when. We have to start somewhere.

•    Yes! Our youths are ready for anything. They are well prepared and courageous enough to face this Glamorous and entertainment world.

•    Yes, the kids need all the help they can get. This will give kids focus on something to look forward to and aspire for.

•    Yes, why not if such a forum can help young talents find their niche. It should have been started a long time back and maybe we wont have so much substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. Kudos to MDACC

•    Yes, of course! Why not?

•    Yes the Nagas are ready for a Naga Idol

Those who said ‘No’ had this to say:

•    How long are we going to ape the West? Right down to the last detail is copied...where is originality and creativity??? What next are we going to copy?? It’s a shame...

•    What does Naga Idol mean? Good imitator of American Idol. Does not the name itself sound funny?

•    They are too Bosti Manu! Please for God Sake don’t be like Indian’s who cheat everything! What’s great about Idol’s anyway, we are too backward. Let our Music Industry grow at least, and then we should think about having an idol which would be a great idea!

•    The Naga culture, as a whole, is not personality oriented as in the west. Neither is the music scene thriving in Nagaland. What is really needed is not half baked efforts but a united, pre-planned concerted effort to set up a forum which can encourage the fusion of our tribal songs with that of the western format of singing.

•    I don’t really think that Nagas are ready for a Naga Idol in the real sense, because the Naga Idol would have social responsibilities, and beyond the contest, I don’t think the Nagas are willing to acknowledge the Idol

•    Nagas should reject influence of Indian media and entertainment industry.

•    A big NO. A Naga Idol should symbolize Naga as a whole. We are simply aping others. Have any contestant presented a Naga artist song?

•    No. It’s a categorical ‘NO’. Everything about it, including the judging is slipshod. What are they looking for anyway?

•    No, because 1) Nagas are yet to imitate ones own culture (Nagas) with refine perspective and to apply it for positive social change, 2) the term ‘IDOL’ itself need to redefine in the context of Naga society and culture to reform our Nation and people in realistic terms instead of imitating others if we really want to project true Naga Idol to outside world.

•    No, we can say we are ready for Naga Idol only when we can also ‘imitate’ that Americans by sending a man to the moon.

•    Definitely No, ‘Same wine in an old bottle.’ Simply because Nagas imitate the American ‘American Idol.’

Those who said ‘Maybe’ had this to say:

•    Maybe, there is always the space to speculate and see how it will go. Better to be optimistic than to be pessimistic.