Assam attracted more than 11,000 crore investment in four months: CM

Guwahati, September 6 (IANS): In just the last six months, Assam has attracted investments of more than 11,000 crores of investments which will in turn generate around 12,000 jobs in the state, the Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Wednesday.

He inaugurated the process of setting up of PepsiCo India Food Manufacturing Plant at Nalbari earlier in the day.

Speaking on the occasion, Sarma said: “On 9th May, eight MoUs were signed worth Rs 8,201 crores, with employment generation of 6,115 jobs. The state Cabinet has also approved the incentives for the next set of industrial investors numbering six who are investing approximately Rs 3,113 crores with employment creation of 5,100 including direct and indirect jobs. The MoU signing will be held in the next few days.”

Talking about the PepsiCo India project, Sarma said that the State government has positively approached the proposal from PepsiCo and provided various incentives to facilitate establishment of this ambitious industrial investment in Assam, including quality infrastructure support of road, power supply etc and also financial incentives.

He said that the plant in Nalbari is expected to be operational by 2025. It is designed to generate employment for over 500 individuals, with a focus on achieving a 100 percent diverse workforce, of at least 75 per cent women.

He said that the plant is also expected to generate significant opportunities for businesses representing the MSME industry including packaging products like laminates, carton scrap and other local ancillary industry, positively impacting the local families.

He said that farmers of the state will also adequately be benefitted as the company will buy the raw materials like potato from the local farmers.