The Bachelor's ex: Brad is not a changed man

While Brad Womack says he's cured his commitment problem, Bettina Bell, contestant on Brad's first season of The Bachelor, reveals he's living a double life--and hasn't changed at all. Bettina, who made the final three back in 2007, tells Life & Style exclusively that she took a second chance on love with Brad last year, only to be dumped again when he left her to start filming the new season. "It was so strange," she tells Life & Style. "He was pursuing me like crazy, and then out of nowhere he went MIA."
Bettina tells Life & Style that two years after their TV romance ended, the pair reconnected and sparks flew. Brad chased after her in October 2009, wooing her with sweet words, passionate kisses and romantic dates only to suddenly break up with her last summer after nine months together -- so he could take another chance at finding love on TV.
Brad claims that he went on a relationship hiatus in between the two seasons, telling Life & Style, "I have not been in a true relationship since the show ended." An insider confirms that he definitely dated in that time however, he didn't fall in love. "With anyone who's out there dating, hearts do get stepped on and people do get hurt when their feelings aren't reciprocated, and that's what happened here," the insider says. "Brad was open to meeting someone but didn't find anyone who captured his heart. That's why he decided to do The Bachelor again when they asked."
But Bettina is shocked that Brad chose to appear on the reality show again because he told her he hated doing it the first time. "He said it was a bad experience," she tells Life & Style. "He was really negative about it." So is he back on TV just to take another shot at fame? She notes, "The show has 18 million viewers. It can open a lot of doors."