Boycott call against illegal Bangladesh immigrants

Dimapur, August 12 (MExN): The Public Action Committee of the Naga Council of Dimapur on illegal immigrants today issued a call to all citizens of the State to boycott illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. The PAC announced that it is launching a non-violent, peaceful campaign in the form of boycotting all Bangladeshi immigrants and their services. 

The PAC issued a press release today saying that the “Pledge Campaign” had become imperative in view of the grave threat posed by illegal Bangladeshi immigrants ( or IBIs) to the very survival of the people of Nagaland as an ethnic community. “The recent conflict in Bodoland between indigenous Bodos and illegal Bangladeshi immigrants (IBIs) has confirmed our worst fears; that the safety of our land and people can no longer be guaranteed as long as aliens remain in our land illegally,” the PAC stated. 

The campaign will be launched on August 14th, 2012 at 11 am, Naga Council building coinciding “with Naga Independence Day symbolically representing the twin objective of freedom from aliens and economic independence.” The campaign was unanimously agreed upon by the house during the public meeting held on July 29 in the office of the Naga Council. A resolution in support was passed by the Naga Women Hoho Dimapur, GBs, Colony Chairmen Forum, YAN, senior citizens, tribal hoho presidents, tribal youth organizations as well as various colony/youth organizations, well wishers, presidents of various welfare organizations, Niuland Citizen’s Forum and DNSU, past and present members both. 

“PAC’s pledge campaign is a signature campaign to arouse Naga people to socially and economically boycott illegal Bangladeshi immigrants (IBIs) at purely voluntary and individual level. This campaign takes its inspiration from the successful Swadeshi and boycott movements against British rule in India. It has its roots in Gandhian form of agitation such as Non Co-operation Movement and Civil Disobedience Movement,” the PAC explained.

The PAC made it loud and clear that the campaign is not about Muslims nor is it about hatred and violence but it is about the danger posed by illegal immigration into the state. “It is a campaign to reassert our control over our land, resources and economy through peaceful means. The Pledge Campaign is an awareness campaign to counter the conspiracy of ‘Greater Bangladesh’” the PAC stated.