‘Brows & Lashes’ – In the eyes of beauty

‘Brows & Lashes’ – In the eyes of beauty
‘Brows & Lashes’ – In the eyes of beauty

Aesthetician Ayinla Chuba


Morung Express News

At a time when looks really matter and the phrase ‘first impression is the last impression’, the beauty clinic ‘Brows & Lashes’ located at Half-Nagarjan, Dimapur comes as a great relief for many people – both young and old – who takes their facial looks very seriously. As the name of the clinic would suggest, this health center focuses, among others, mainly on correcting the eyelashes, brows and skin on a person’s face.

“When it comes to beauty, even small things like the eyelashes and eyebrows matter a lot. You never know how much differences or effects it can have on a person’s confidence and personality just by correcting a slight change to your eyelashes,” said the proprietor of the clinic, Ayinla Chuba who is an ‘aesthetician’ trained in Seoul, South Korea.

Ayinla Chuba correcting the facial lines on one of her clients

She started off her careers as a skin specialist way back in 2017 in Kohima and moved down to Dimapur so as to expand her enterprise. “I started off my business without any financial help from anyone, be it from the private or government source. All the investments I have made so far is from my own savings while working out of my home in small ways,” says Ayinla. She says that the number of clients and the look of satisfaction on their faces after working on their face keep her going and make her enjoy her profession.

 “I try to maintain a personal relationship with my clients so that they can also feel this clinic as their own. Of course, I do honor the confidentiality of clients.”


Before and after correcting the eyelashes on a client.

But the clinic does not only deal with correcting the brows and lashes. The clinic also offers an array of treatment like skin “rejuvenating, microneedling, hydra-facial, micro-dermabrasion, filler or botox, face contouring, carbon laser, tattoo removal, micro-blading and shading, lash extension and pigmentation disorders”. For the other treatments, Ayinla’s brother Dr. Mulo – who is a trained dermatologist – treats the patients.

“When it comes to beauty or going for plastic surgeries and the like, most people think in terms of transformations like the Hollywood stars and the like. However, beauty isn’t just for looks for others to admire and compliment on. It is quite astonishing how a slight correction on a small irregularity on your body can have such effects on your self-esteem and happiness. After all, it is said, a thing of beauty is joy forever,” says Ayinla.

However, she discourages young students, especially the school going girls to detest from undergoing beauty therapies as the time is not right for them to undergo such treatments. Ayinla strongly feels that the young girls should enjoy their life as blessed by God and should not focus much on their outer appearances as the time for focusing on their beauty would surely come in due time. “There is a time for everything,” says Ayinla.

Nonetheless, Ayinla Chuba’s bold venture is also not without its own share of difficulties. With no help from any government or other sources, she says that the regular stream of clients, their support and also the occasional trainings she gives out the state help sustain her enterprise.

“Money is important, but this is what I love doing most, and I feel that our people also need some aestheticians like me, or else people would be going outside the state like Delhi and Mumbai just to correct their noses, or extent their eyelashes, or remove the pigmentations etc.,” says Ayinla.

“My work here is my passion and I feel satisfied that I am contributing something to the society with my talents and knowledge,” says Ayinla with a sense of satisfaction.

Her clinic, Brows & Lashes is located at Peheile Place, 2nd Floor, Kuda village, Half Nagarjan, Dimapur. One can contact Ayinla Chuba at 7085664813 to make an appointment at her clinic.