BSF asked to reveal number of quarantine centres

Newmai News Network

Shillong | July 7

With a number of BSF personnel who have returned to Meghalaya testing positive for COVID-19 of late, Mawryngkneng MLA, David A Nongrum has informed on Tuesday that a joint inspection of the quarantine centers within the BSF camp at Umpling will be held on Wednesday.

“We have discussed this matter with the Block Development Officer including the village authority and we have asked for the list of quarantine centers within the BSF camp at Umpling,” Nongrum said.

He also said that a joint inspection with the Dorbar Shnong of Umpling will be conducted to ensure that there is strict adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the containment zone. “We need to be hundred percent certain that the containment zones are enforced so that people do not move around and shops do not open,” he said.

He also said that as there are many BSF personnel returning to Meghalaya, non-adherence to protocols will pose a threat to the society.

Nongrum also slammed the State government while saying that there is no seriousness in managing the entry of people into the State at the checkpoints set up to screen people entering and leaving the State.

“People are going for a wedding outside the State, other people including workers from Guwahati are coming into the State and doing various construction works and this entry-exit screening that the government is talking about is just to mislead the people of the State,” he stated.

He also said that officially the government is claiming that it is taking all official steps but then practically nothing is in place.

“I don’t want to politicize anything but we cannot also remain mute spectators to these kinds of issues because they may mean the difference between life and death of our people,” he added.