BTS Movie screens amidst excited ARMYs

BTS Movie
BTS Movie

BTS Nagaland ARMYs cheering on for the K-Pop boy band ahead of the screening of their third film Bring The Soul: The Movie for the first time in Nagaland. (Morung Photo)


Morung Express News

Dubbed as the biggest boy band on the entire planet, BTS released their third film, Bring The Soul: The Movie, and for the ever expanding BTS ARMYs in Nagaland, it was fulfillment of their long-awaited dream.

The movie was screened along with the rest of the world today at Hill Star Cinema, Dimapur. 

The band created another record of sort as the movie is reportedly releasing in 110 countries, the widest-ever event cinema release. 

Bring The Soul: The Movie is  BTS' third feature release after Burn The Stage: The Movie (2018) and 'Love Yourselves in Seoul.'

In Nagaland, it was screened here amidst adorable screaming fans, some hundreds in number, from high school students to college goers to working adults.

The concert film follows the hugely successful band at the end of its Love Yourself Tour in Europe and BTS members - J-Hope, Jeong-guk Jeon, Ji-min Park, Nam-joon Kim, Seok-jin Kim, Suga, Tae-Hyung Kim – tell their very own stories from experiences in new cities to performing in front of thousands of ARMY across the globe.

An all-new glimpse into BTS’ world away from the stage, featuring intimate group discussions alongside spectacular concert, informed synopsis review of the movie. 

The ARMYs (an acronym which stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth) were at a loss for words to describe their love for the K-Pop boy band, which made their musical debut in 2013.

On the sideline of today’s screening in Dimapur, a group of high school students, apparently trying to soothe the pre-release anxiety of their favorite South Korean band came with messages such as :“Don’t stress yourselves too much,” “You’re doing great! We purple you (Borahae).”

On querying about their favorite member, the fans, ‘hardcore loyalists’ of the BTS said they did not want to be biased. “We are OT7 (One True 7), we love the entire seven-member boy band equally.”

Members of ‘bangtannagaland,’ an official fanbase account on instagram said the boy band is so much more than beautiful faces. It is how they connect with the people through their music. They have taught us to “love yourself and to respect yourself.” The boy band is also an ambassador for UNICEF and fights for the rights for LGBTQ community.

While only the leader of the group (Kim Nam-joon) is fluent in English, the ARMYs said the connection goes beyond language barriers.

bangtannagaland,’ comprised of youngsters, said they hold projects, events and donates money to people in need whenever feasible. How they do it? The fan base which was formed last year, said they set an amount for contribution, or otherwise a free will, on how they can contribute.

The LED display of BTS which was on display this June, across the foot bridge in Dimapur was one of their projects. Today, they brought banners, wrist bands and postcards for the fans at the venue.

Another fanbase called the ‘btsindianarmys’ on instagram page and twitter had a donation drive at the premises of Hill Star before the movie screening. Dithasala Anar said the group based in Delhi holds events and teams up with international and national fan base too.

Their first project in Nagaland, Anar said the donation, which was a huge success, will be going to the children of Wongdang Ki Charitable Foundation in Dimapur.

Expressing that they were not just fans of beautiful people, Toni K Yeptho another member, said the BTS are “more than that.” They are role models in so many ways, with their humanity, they added.

The group expressed their gratitude to Hill Star Cinema for giving the ARMYs in Nagaland a chance to watch the movie screening along with the whole world on the same day.

Fairly delighted with a massive response, Hill Star proprietor, Aboli Dina Yepthomi said there’s a lot to learn from Korean culture, adding we should know how to pick up the good message of other cultures. “How humane they are, and how hard they work.”

Judging by the response today, Yepthomi said there will definitely be more ventures in the near future, quipping “I might become a fan too.”