Build and strengthen institutions of accountability, justice and fair play: Nagaland Governor 

Governor RN Ravi hoisting the Tricolour at Raj Bhavan, Kohima on the occasion of the 74th India Independence Day on August 15. (Photo: @RajBhavanKohima / Twitter)
Governor RN Ravi hoisting the Tricolour at Raj Bhavan, Kohima on the occasion of the 74th India Independence Day on August 15. (Photo: @RajBhavanKohima / Twitter)

Break the ‘vicious circle of vested interests’ and transformed it into ‘virtuous circle of peace, prosperity and happiness,’ Ravi urges in his message on India's 74th Independence Day

Kohima, August 15 (MExN): The Governor of Nagaland, RN Ravi today said that in Nagaland cannot be left behind amid “India’s grand march forward” and called for building and strengthening “institutions of accountability, justice and fair play.”

“The people of Nagaland have their natural right of a dignified future. For this we will have to build and strengthen institutions of accountability, justice and fair play,” the Governor said in his 74th India Independence Day message.

To achieve the task, Ravi called for breaking the grip of “vicious circle of vested interests.”

“We will have to break the vice – like grip of the vicious circle of the network of vested interests and make way for the virtuous circle of peace, prosperity and happiness for our people."

However, the Governor noted that the task cannot be achieved by the Government alone. 

“In this endeavor, we need the co-operation of the two million people of Nagaland. I have deep and abiding faith in the inherent goodness and capability of our people,” he said in his second address to the people of the State after assuming the Governor’s role on August 1, 2019. 

COVID-19: Nagaland ‘better prepared to save precious lives’

Touching upon the unprecedented global crisis - COVID-19 pandemic, he said that during the last few months, India has had been witnessing how “heroes rising to the occasion to save our country from the invisible enemy.”

“I pay my special heartfelt tribute to our COVID warriors who have demonstrated exemplary commitment and extraordinary courage to serve and save our people,” he conveyed. 

The Governor also expressed happiness that “Nagaland is certainly better prepared to save precious lives from this deadly virus.”

Among others, he highlighted that the State has built its own Biosafety Level (BSL) Laboratories in record time.

“Though we need to build more laboratories, we no longer depend on the neighboring States for testing suspected COVID-19 samples. Our doctors and lab-technicians are testing far more samples with far greater efficiency,” he noted. 

He also maintained that the frontline workers have better protective equipments while hospitals have better treatment capacities with greater availability of life saving oxygen and ventilators.

“Our citizens are better aware of the COVID-19 preventive protocols and the State Government is better energized and synergized with the COVID War Room at the State level and the District Task Forces at the Districts,” Ravi said. 

Although, COVID positive cases are increasing, we are fortunate that the mortality has been low, he added. 
The Governor further appealed the people not to panic and not to lower guards. 

“The protocol of wearing face masks and maintaining 2 yards physical distance from each other must not be diluted,” he added. 

Pays homage to all ‘heroes and martyrs’

Meanwhile, on the occasion, Ravi also paid homage to “all the heroes and martyrs, millions of working men and women, whose sacrifices under the leadership of the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, wrought this freedom and the Union of Free India was born.”

“We also pay respect to those heroes whose relentless vigil has kept this country secure and those whose contributions made this Union great and glorious!,” he added.


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