CAG finds infrastructural failings in Secondary Schools

CAG finds infrastructural  failings in Secondary Schools
CAG finds infrastructural failings in Secondary Schools

Morung Express News
Dimapur | March 1

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has detected numerous infrastructural deficiencies in Secondary Schools in Nagaland, contravening the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) framework. 

The CAG report for the year ending March 31, 2018 stated that a joint inspection of 106 schools revealed deficiencies in infrastructural requirements, as per RMSA framework.


Laboratories not utilised

According to the report, laboratory rooms were constructed in all the new buildings in 98 schools under ‘upgradation and strengthening works’ of RMSA. However, these rooms were not utilised for science laboratories. In 36 schools, lab equipment received under the scheme of RMSA were stacked in cupboards and boxes and were not being utilised. Provisions for utilisation or facilities such as practical table, racks, safety equipment for science practical classes were not available in the rooms constructed for science labs, the report stated. Lab assistants were also not recruited for required assistance in labs.


Missing librarians

In 98 schools, the library rooms constructed under RMSA were not being utilised for the intended purpose. In 10 schools, the library books were not accessible to students as the books were stacked in cupboards and left unutilised in other rooms for want of posting of librarians. 


No hygienic toilets

Out of the 106 schools that were inspected, there were no hygienic toilets in 85 schools. In 48 schools, there were no separate toilet for girl students and there were no toilet for female teachers in 83 schools, the report stated.

The report stated that construction of toilets for these schools were not taken up under the ‘strengthening programme’ of RMSA, thus depriving the students and teachers of these Secondary Schools access to hygienic toilets.


Accessibility for CWSN

Out of 106 schools inspected, only 14 schools had a single ramp (without railings) to access the main building. The architectural barriers for disabled students were not removed and modified in any of the schools inspected, the report stated. Separate toilets accessible to Children with Special Needs (CWSN) students were also not constructed in any of the schools inspected.

The condition of 41 school buildings was either very poor or dilapidated. Toilets were unusable, there were no drinking water facilities and the workmanship was poor etc, it stated.

While the RMSA framework mandated separate girls’ activity area in all Secondary Schools, the CAG detected that none of the schools inspected had separate girls’ activity areas nor were provisions for it included in the plans of the Department. There was no playground for the students in 70 schools, it added.

The CAG observed that the Project Approval Board of the Ministry of Human Resource Development had approved strengthening works in 126 schools for providing quality education in Secondary Schools with all infrastructural facilities as per RMSA norms. However, the Department’s failure to complete the planned works resulted in infrastructural deficiencies.

To these findings, the department responded in December 2018 that the matter would be looked into for remedial actions. 

The CAG recommended that the government make proper assessment of infrastructural requirements in schools and complete the works in time so that students are not deprived of basic amenities and quality education in Secondary Schools and CWSN and girl students receive of equity interventions as prescribed in the RMSA norms.