CAYSA new team for 2011-2012

Kohima, February 28 (MExN): The nomination committee of Chokri Area Youth Sports Association (CAYSA) has nominated the new team of office bearers of CAYSA for the tenure 2011-2012. President- Vethihü Kezo, vice president- Vekhone Puro, general secretary- Besüta Swüro, joint secretary- Er. Vedupa Kotso, finance secretary- Zasepra Tenyi, banker- Evesü Resü, games and sports secretary- Vepoyi Tetseo, PET, assistant games and sports secretary- Zacüvo Chüzho, games and sports secretary (women)- Nüsakholü Dawhuo, assistant games and sports secretary (women)- Sany Rose, cultural secretary- Vecürayi Khamo, publicity secretary- Neisale Kezo, representative to PDSA- Eduzü Thelüo and president CAYSA, advisors- Zacüyi Nienu, Medovehü Yhobü and Kethoseyi Resü. Meanwhile, the Association will hold its first executive meeting on March 11 at the residence of CAYSA president. All the CAYSA officials have been requested to attend the same without fail.