Chaste Hindi, a way for Naga musicians?

Kohima | January 16 : Divine Connection, MTV Rock On winner’s story is perhaps a wake up call to learn Hindi. Their success has brought much joy to the Naga society and the youth ought to learn a thing or two. Divine connection has made inconceivable efforts learning Hindi, the official language of Indians, to overwhelm nine most popular bands in India and win the coveted prize.
Most Nagas are least bothered about Hindi. From primary to middle, middle to high school, the subject is listed either as a fourth subject or the grading tally lies very low. Therefore speaking and writing fluent Hindi is a far cry. Nagas inability to speak Hindi fluently has a strong impact especially after exiting the confines of the boundaries of Nagaland and North East.
Other North Eastern states do not face the same predicament as these states have made conscious efforts the years gone by. Outside the state, people consider Nagas as people who have landed from somewhere outside the Map of India. Food habits, living style of the Nagas make others wonder and perhaps this is one factor leading to racial issues or discrimination.
One of the band member of Divine Connection, during the Chief Minister’s felicitation programme at Heritage on January 12, shared how difficult it was for them to understand the meanings in the Hindi language. The vocalist said, “One of the judge asked me to translate “You took my breath away” in Hindi on stage and I responded, “Mere Saas Leke Jao”, resulting in a roar of judges laughter”.
Despite the Nagas struggle in speaking chaste Hindi, Divine Connection’s achievement is highly appreciable. Their effort in learning the meaning, usage and pronunciation words and putting it across through songs is in itself a great challenge. It is high time for Nagas to give sincere attention in learning Hindi and with the support of the government and Music Task Force (MTF), perhaps the state introducing a Hindi learning centre is due if sufficient interest exists.
Divine Connection has opened the ways for those Naga musicians who could use the Hindi language effectively. Many Naga singers possess the potential to win such contests and reaching to highest level of competitiveness in India and beyond. To begin with, upcoming Naga musicians can watch Divine Connection play on India’s Republic Day, January 26 and sing their patriotic song “Vande Mataram” at Kohima.