Clarification to PGSU’s reaction on effigies burning

The PGSU’s reaction to the CRDK Kohima press release which was published on March 29 under the caption “PGSU reacts to report” in local dailies wherein its stated that PGSU could not able to comprehend why CRDKK has conveniently ignored other bigger and pertinent issues and are concerned about the burning of effigies alone.

Also PGSU has firm conviction that corruption, nepotism and irresponsibility in duty should be punished according to the law of land and only raising voice against those who contaminating and diluting our culture and tradition.

At the outset we the Chiechama Ramia Dzevi Kro-u Kohima would like to appreciate and support the PGSU’s stand that the Union will not hesitate to strive for betterment of tomorrow in any way. At the same time, the CRDKK is constrained to clarify its position to the public in general and PGSU in particular.

That the CRDKK is equally concern and worry about anti social elements as well as corruption in our society as you do. The CRDKK is also consistently suffered and tormented for the betterment of our NU as you experienced.

Hence ignoring of bigger and pertinent issues does not arise but those who found guilty should be punished as per the law for which CRDKK has no grace, be it bonafide member or otherwise.
What actually enraged the CRDKK was issue relating to effigies burning. It is our firm believe that you have committed the unforgivable crime according to our tradition and culture, on the basis of assumption and supposition.

The burning of effigy is only allowed/practiced when a person is committed a terrible blunder in our society for which the whole villagers/public will pronounce curse, enchant deadly words against, injecting with sharpened wood into and burn the dummy (effigy) made of banana tree stump.

With the existence of tradition and culture stated above, the CRDKK reaffirm its recent press statement and in fact the PGSU has enraged CRDKK which we termed it taboo and heinous crime against our community.

Thekielie Keditsu, President
Neisakholie Rupreo,
General Secretary
CRDK Kohima