CONFU identifies broom as important commercial item

Kohima | January 16 : Broom is God’s gifted natural resources for Naga people but the people are not aware of its economic value and its importance, said the Confederation of Naga Farmers Union (CONFU) and identified broom as one of the commercial items. For the last few years, brooms are collected from the foothills areas of the state and marketed outside the state by businessmen. CONFU said that broom worth crores of money is wasted in the wild.
It has conducted market survey and found that broom can be export item from Nagaland to national and international market and identified broom as one of the commercial item.
CONFU has resolved to create awareness on importance of ownership, economic importance and cultivation of broom as cash crop and assured marketing of broom in a more systematic manner where maximum benefit goes to the farmers. Broom is naturally grown abundantly in many parts of the state. Such areas can be maintained with least efforts. New plantation may be done on thinly grown areas and the maintained areas become the broom farm.