Crime vs crime

Wake to the calls of scrimmage pep talks, grab any daily tabloids and smitten lines that is sure enough to drowned browsing eyesights and haunt every crestfallen good folks will be “ Rape, Murder, Hatred, Child abuse, Corruption, Abduction and what hell next crime? Evil ratchet madness still draws to continue to be a prime incurable universal cancer. The past is doomed and the future is depicted with devastated chaos, human created and owned crime seems to be the longest umpteen evil symbiotic history. No doubt, a conspiracy to end mankind. 

Well, recently as I was reading along a local daily, a picaresque sinister article and its panic nude picture inserted alongside caught my earnest attention. The report is about “ Bobilal Sundash, a convict for attempted rape paraded naked in public” aired on its front page. Just then, my 5 years old niece came by out of nowhere and seeing the defile picture, asked innocently, why is the naked chained like a puppy dog? Startled, I was totally left gasping for breath and blurred with no words, but more importantly what really scared me the most is that horrifying caption such as “Crime” is injected to us at such a very young age. 

If such bestial image is printed in some western news media, the issue could have dragged a heated widespread earthquake and the journal could also face a severe punishment for portraying abusive pornography and causing huge psychological damages. 

Greatly, I sympathize with the victim feelings, and at the same time, also heartily expressing a righteous brotherly love towards the way the accused is treated inhumanly. In this our era of modern society, a proper prosecution in a decent manner could have work out a better justice accordingly done to the law, rather than displaying a terrible spectacle scene emerging out from some angry manifestos in the middle of a state capital, shocking common people like me. 

At that happening, no wonder those lawmakers in khaki uniforms could have help prevented such ugly bizarre before it turn for the worse, when solid authority to restore law and order is given their main job, they seems to have simply ignored their right duties enclosing some excuses, or is it out of a threat? 

Nevertheless, human rights activists and church leaders so far do seems to appear blind and unaware of this mock outcry. A sad tragedy sincerely tracked, stunned and preposterously hoarse. Unless a flood of concern in this crippling related issues is raised. The answer still remains end up junked with crime against crime, or wise this turns could encourage more unwritten law prosecutions in near future that simply define barbaric system. 

Seriously, I did doubted what will be the present Naga situation be if Christianity haven’t arrived yet in our society? Something even much worst than the talibans regime could instead happen miserably. 

T.A. John, Maram