Do not misuse ‘Nagaland for Christ’

NNC Member

In 1956, when the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) was formed, the Naga national leaders including A.Z. Phizo said, from the beginning the Nagas have no King, but now we have Jesus Christ, our King. Hence, they adopted the Motto of Nagaland as “Nagaland for Christ”. When the Naga national Flag was hoisted on the formation Day of FGN on March 22, 1956, A.Z. Phizo said, a Free Naga should hoist the Flag, saying; Nagaland for Christ. So, Gen. Thungti Chang, the then Commander in Chief of Naga Home Guard, hoisted Naga National Flag, saying; “Nagaland for Christ”. Thus, ‘Nagaland for Christ’ became the Motto of Nagaland forever. 

The Nagas also believe that the sovereignty of Nagaland has been bestowed by God our Lord. Because the Naga national leaders through God-given wisdom declared the age-old Naga Independence and established a sovereign and independent nation 76 years ago. And moreover it is believed that God has been protecting Nagaland up to this day even though the Naga imposter national leaders failed to understand His leading and protection. 

Even when Nagaland had fallen into a crucial juncture in 1975, God stretched out His mighty hands and delivered Nagaland from surrendering. But the NSCN leaders blinded by their ambition, condemned it as a capitulation one. Thereafter, they had been misusing ‘Nagaland for Christ’, for killings, torturing, telling lies, misleading, money extortions, strangulation of the economy in Nagaland, demanding the constitution and Flag from India, and so on.  

Eno Rh. Raising, (NSCN-IM leader) mentioned in his statement “Nagalim for Christ” two-three times, which appeared in Morung Express on June 15, 2023. He should know that the Motto “Nagaland for Christ’ is not for Framework Agreement (FA)signed on 3rd August 2015. But it is for a sovereign and independent Nagaland. Only 68 years after the Nagas declared their Independence, the FA was signed to be under India.

If Eno Rh. Raising wants to use “Nagaland for Christ” he should not stand for FA, but accept the truth of a sovereign existence of Nagaland and God’s deliverance of Nagaland from the doom in 1975, and should admit the formation of NSCN was a mistake and political blunder in history. That will be a conducive work for the reconciliation and healing the wounded minds of the Naga people. He and VS. Atem should do it. That will be a gracious work,leaving a great legacy in history.

I told Khaplang three times, in 1991, 2000, and 2003 to admit his mistake in the formation of NSCN when I met him at his Headquarters. But he did not and now, he is no more with us. I have never met again Rh. Raising, VS Atem, and Th. Muivah since June 1979, it is now 44 years. Isak is no more with us. But those who are still alive, Th. Muivah, Rh. Raising, and VS Atem, should admit their misdeed if they truly stand ‘Nagaland for Christ”, but should not misuse it for their own interest to be under India.