Do we still care enough for the creation?

‘Contemplation’ continues to cry for mankind to stop constant abuse on Mother Nature 

Morung Express News
Dimapur | June 4

The transformative power of music is that it never loses its relevance. June 5 is World Environment Day- the right occasion to pledge to protect Mother Nature and to be part of the global call for urgent action to restore ecosystems.

For the occasion, in context of Nagaland, it would be a difficult task to make a playlist of music solely dedicated to the cause of environment.  

The most relevant and probably the most popular one would be the song ‘Contemplation’ which was released to mark World Environment Day on June 5, 2018. It was produced under the project called ‘Creation Care’, a one-time project of Powerfaith Ministry, Kohima in support with Incessant Welfare Society, Dimapur. 

“In a first of its kind in Nagaland,” eleven renowned artistes came together for the cause of creating awareness on environment through the music video. Along with the Powerfaith Band, the song features Nash Longkumer (UDx), Bendangmoa and Mar Jamir (Polar Lights), Obed Kath (Divine Connection), Alobo Naga, Imtisenla, Tali Angh, Mengu Suokhrie, and Mhaseve Tetseo, Mercy Tetseo and Kuvelu Tetseo (Tetseo Sisters). 

‘It is time to clear the mess’
The song is a clear message on the beauty of the environment and a wakeup call to “A human race – lost in greed and ignorance has been the undoing of God’s wondrous handiwork…” It is a cry to “love, preserve and cherish this beautiful gift of nature.”

Contemplation’ cries about the destruction caused and strongly sends out the message for mankind to free itself from the rush of everyday busy life and realize the importance of taking good care of the environment. The second part in the first verse of the songs says, “There’s a mad rush to provide, or be on the other side of the line. It’s just another busy day at the office. That’s all we care.”

Contemplation’ makes a call to take time and think what you would see tomorrow. The chorus delivers the message that “It’s time to clear the mess you made; Look back at the traces to remind you; to mend your ways, it never is too late.”

‘Environmental protection is still relevant, significant’ 
“The whole concept behind Contemplation in a nut shell was to help people realize the importance of acquiring a set of values for environmental protection, to appreciate nature and love mother earth,” Powerfaith Ministry told The Morung Express on Friday. 
“So from that perspective we think the message behind the song is still relevant and it will continue to be significant as long as there is this constant abuse humans are doing to the nature around us,” they added.

Reaching out beyond Nagaland
Contemplation’ did succeed in reaching out to a global audience through its YouTube channel. Three years after the music video was released in Kohima, it still continues to garner viewers in a wider and greater number. 

“Still listening to this song can’t get over the fact that, Tali Angh voice has such a deep, thick, manly voice,” Erenth Kithan commented on June 4 last. “Amazing” wrote Nghakmawia Chhangte and sent “love you from Mizoram.” 

“Good + nice song and Music flow is excellent.. I always admit and say that Mizo and Nagas are the leading clan/tribe of rock music in the North Eastern States...,” VL Sailo commented. Two weeks ago, Jordan Nengsang also wrote, “This is truly amazing love and support from Garo Hills Meghalaya.”

“Firstly I love the person who wrote this beautiful song, I love all the artist this is one of the best song from Nagaland productions,” remarked Mhale ZepsMark while for Zuala_rj, “I love the song composition, the lyrics, the traditional fusion, the rock music, the vibrant singers, the awesome guitarist Most of all, Naga guys rock.”

In the recent past, the song has received much appreciation and support from places like Meghalaya, Philippines, Delhi, Tripura, Assam and more.

World Environment Day being one of the biggest annual events organised by United Nations to generate awareness about the significance of nature and greenery, a song like ‘Contemplation’ for sure is the right one to pledge to save this planet with care and love and for everyone ‘to make the most of this moment to be the change we all want to see.’

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