Do you agree that Naga unity and reconciliation is a must for peace? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 
•    Because all factions over ground and underground have first to rejoin the people. The public is not a Mithun to be led by a nose ring.

•    It is very much necessary or else anti-Naga forces and crusader might delude them and take their soul and resources away. A strong Nagalim can contribute to Indian union well.

•    History shows

•    Nagas as a whole must shed this ideology of, “my community first” and start coming together to work for unity and peace. Irrespective of tribe or area development of Nagaland as a whole must be the priority of all.

•    Why don’t we Nagas realize that we need to unite and reconcile for peace to prevail. Its funny, all the NPGs want solution but are not willing to unite and reconcile. This means they don’t really want solution. For solution, Nagas must unite and reconcile.

•    Yes. And very easy. Political leaders, NGOS and all frontal organizations should be United not politically but in true spirit.

•    Not enough for peace but for Naga unity we need to have only one common language either English or Nagamese and only one common church either English church or Nagamese Church. I believe that these are also one of the side effects to divide Nagas

•    As a citizenship of Nagaland state. Yes, I do firmly agree that there must be a unity among our Nagas. Because comparing to our human body, it has to maintained balance diet to stay fit and healthy. Not just thinking of maintaining a balance diet, but we'll have to improve eating habits and doing the right thing by avoiding unnecessary habits and balancing every particular needs. Likewise, we as a human body needs a lot improvement and care in our natural health to benefits ourselves, we as a handcraft of God do feel and understand what is needed to bring changes in our state. What is missing? Is the unity ,love and care for one another . If we are strongly bonded then peace will automatically take its place.

•    Yes. Majority of the Nagas want unity and reconciliation. The peace process has divided Nagas into two camps. Number one is only Nagas of Nagaland. Number two is for all Nagas. The GoI has taken advantage of this division and now it has become very difficult for unity.  Advantage goes to government.

•    Yes, Non-Unity among Nagas, is the only thing that is hampering the future of Nagas in All, do we blame this tribe or that tribe for deceiving the Naga Cause that was just and right in the beginning. But today look at us, self-styled leaders of so & So faction, we can't even look at them forget about respecting the cause they say to represent. Unless all tribes come together as a United Naga Tribe and People, we will be torn apart by any means that we are up against. We can't even live amongst ourselves right now, then how can we expect to live together with all this bitterness and a cause that has become so shallow. Let us learn from the mistake and successes of other Nation-building processes. Nagas have to be a people at this point, there is no other way, we either kill each other in the name of tribe and clan or we come together under the same thing that divides us.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
•    It is essential but not enough for peace. It's the beginning to the pursuit of peace.

•    Only truly believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and following him can bring the peace everywhere.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    Look at the state where Nagaland is. That is the reason

•    Never going to happen, not in millions years to come at this pace where it is right now.

•    It’s not going to happen because someone is pulling all the strings from behind.

•    I don't think there is reconciliation because there is no proper records of any think I am a Naga born in Kohima and after long time I came back to Nagaland it’s so mess. I agree corruption everywhere but in Nagaland it’s too much what i see is rich people are becoming more somehow and what about other if there is unity.  In 2020 there was lots of fund for COVID but there is no proper facility serially ‘mari biscuit and tea' OMG. There are lots of good things but when but as per my experience I saw the bad things mostly only.

•    What do you mean when you say "peace"? The current state we are living in or a better version than right now? Have we ever achieved Naga unity in the past or are we living as a united Naga? With due respect, I don't think your question is right, it is too vague to be given a yes or a no for an answer.